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Pick at least 12 newcomers for the next Smash

#61SwastikalPosted 9/3/2014 7:35:18 AM
1. Mewtwo (Pokemon)
2. Roy (Fire Emblem)
3. Lucas (Mother)
4. Wolf (Star Fox)
5. Ice Climbers (Ice Climber)
6. Squirtle (Pokemon)
7. Ivysaur (Pokemon)
8. Snake (Konami)
9. Paper Mario (Super Mario/Paper Mario)
10. Ridley (Metroid)
11. King K. Rool (Donkey Kong)
12. Ray MK (Custom Robo)
13. Andy (Advance Wars)
14. Isaac (Golden Sun)
#62RayCRP(Topic Creator)Posted 9/4/2014 2:10:15 AM
Storrac posted...
RayCRP posted...
Bayonetta is a Sega character,


Yes. Platinum may have created her, but Sega owns the franchise and the character. Nothing happens with the Bayonetta IP without the green light from Sega.

That's why I also said Bomberman would be considered a Konami character. He's Hudson Soft, but Hudson and its IPs were purchased by Konami. Thus, Konami owns Bomberman, and controls his fate regarding future games and crossovers.
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#63kratos447Posted 9/4/2014 2:21:24 AM
I just want Aeron from Pandora's Tower.
#64gules222Posted 9/4/2014 2:28:01 AM
1. King K. Rool (Donkey Kong)
2. Ridley (Metroid)
3. Mewtwo (Pokemon)
4. Krystal (Star Fox)
5. Ray 01 (Custom Robo)
6. Chibi Robo (Chibi Robo)
7. Isaac (Golden Sun)
8. Takamaru (Takamaru)
9. Paper Mario (Paper Mario)
10. Skull Kid (The Legend of Zelda)
11. Balloon Fighter (Balloon Fighter)
12. Protagonist from Xenoblade Chronicles X (Xenoblade Chronicles)
13. Waluigi (Super Mario)
14. Ashley (WarioWare)

1. Dark Pit
2. Lucina
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#65CalebtinePosted 9/4/2014 3:06:24 AM
I haven't read every reply, so I am sure my list will be redundant.

King K. Rool
Dixie Kong
Lanky Kong
Bald Bull
Princess Eirika
The Amazon (A Winner Is You!)
Peppy Hare

And last, but not least- Waluigi!
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#66Nicholas2222Posted 9/4/2014 3:14:28 AM(edited)
My List is pretty much already written a hundred times over elsewhere.

Ice Climbers
Bandanna Dee
Agent J
Tom Nook
K. Rool

Cut: Dark Pit
#67SakurafanboyPosted 9/4/2014 5:13:33 AM(edited)
Fawful (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga)
Paper Mario (Paper Mario)
Lana (Hyrule Warriors)
Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
Hades (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
Sceptile (Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald)
Wonder Red (The Wonderful 101)
Bezella (Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
Cranky Kong (Donkey Kong Country)
Simon Belmont (Castlevania)
Prince Fluff (Kirby's Epic Yarn)
Inkling (Splatoon)
Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)
Dillon (Dillon's Rolling Western)


Dark Pit
Dr. Mario
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#68RayCRP(Topic Creator)Posted 9/5/2014 1:01:31 PM
It makes me happy that very few people are cutting Lucina, but confounds me that more people would cut Dark Pit instead of Dr. Mario.

Also, I love that people like Splatoon already. :)
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#69Robo-ChibiPosted 9/5/2014 1:57:41 PM
Hm, ok. I don't believe the ESRB leak roster is everybody, but for the sake of this thing (and the fact I'll have a hard time thinking of enough characters), I'll pretend it is.

1.Ice Climbers
5.Pokemon Trainer (toes the line between vet and newcomer, new moveset where you actually play him)
6.King K. Rool
7.Cranky Kong
9.Prince Sable
12.Chorus Kids
13.Snake (cut Lucina)
14.Harry from Teleroboxer (cut Jigglypuff)
15.Mini-Kangaroo (cut Ike)
16.Muddy Mole (cut Dark Pit)
17.Ridley, I guess (cut Toon Link)

Yeah, see, I'm about at the end of who I really want, like half of those were vets or promoted ATs or just weird.
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