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What would it take to make this roster perfect for you?
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8-Way smash match insanity
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What the hell happened to the Amiibos?
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Palutena is so serious looking in these gamesOn_The_Edge410/25 9:14PM
The GameFAQs Most Deserving Newcomer Tournament Day 13- Villager vs. Little Mac (Poll)
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Rate the Sonic representation in this game (Poll)seltraeh22310/25 9:14PM
Bayonetta in smash? (Poll)PollGuy541010/25 9:12PM
Does anyone else hate Wuhu Island at this point?registered_pers710/25 9:11PM
Will Woolly World be banned, counterpick, or starter in tourneys?Dumdumwantgum510/25 9:08PM
Soooo why does NA get this first before JP?
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The Drill looks like the Drill Arm from KIU, but is listed as part of Smash...BobGuy128810/25 9:07PM
Describe your current/planned main without using the letter 'S'.
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Palutena is the perfect woman
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Which of these potential 3rd party DLC packs would you want most? (Poll)
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Do you think the CSS will have the clone island in this version?endergamer537410/25 9:04PM
Favourite new Final Smash for veterans (Poll)barrabaCHHS310/25 9:01PM
Anyone want to see songs for a Smash parody musical?Tyranitrum1010/25 8:57PM
What will happen to smash bros is kid icarus got a sewuil?Mikokiri710/25 8:57PM
Pleeeeaaaase tell me you'll be able to transfer custom moves from 3DS to Wii U.LinkIII_IsBack710/25 8:57PM
The Pilotwings stage music selection isn't looking so hot at the momentPlasmaCannon710/25 8:56PM