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Are Marth, Toon Link, Greninja and Captain Falcon on the starting roster? (Archived)themadpatter108/18 6:39PM
Digital or Physical? (Poll)
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iKhanic118/18 6:35PM
Smash Poll: First/Favorite game (Poll)Garlands_Soul48/18 6:35PM
So... I guess Snake deconfirmed? (Archived)Hejiru78/18 6:32PM
The Trophy Theory is sound (Archived)
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Lightflame218/18 6:29PM
A fake pic of the day of Ridley as a stage boss was created. (Archived)LimitCrown98/18 6:29PM
So Captain Falcon is upgraded to starter but no Earthbound character is? (Archived)
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WonkyKong248/18 6:26PM
Which of these would you be saddest to see go? (Poll)
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Nicholas2222148/18 6:24PM
Can I have the picture of the Ridley scales with each artwork of Ridley on it? (Archived)LagoonTheCursed88/18 6:22PM
YR to Weird Topic: Ridley kisses you (Poll)bisonyesyes108/18 6:22PM
So do Ridley supporters make up his... (Archived)ChibiDialga58/18 6:21PM
StreetPass Battle (Archived)powerclaw178/18 6:21PM
English Translation of Smash 4 Back Cover (Archived)
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darksora2323218/18 6:20PM
when will ridley be confirmed? :p (Archived)ridley4life88/18 6:17PM
Which of these characters had the best death scenes? *Spoiler Warning* (Poll)
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Insanylum13298/18 6:13PM
Think of a character before entering. (Archived)Lightflame98/18 6:13PM
Who are you going to set as your street pass battle assuming we can do that? (Archived)Chenmaster228/18 6:11PM
Did Sakurai say that every newcomer would get a trailer? (Archived)Hejiru68/18 6:09PM
So you think Sakurai is hot? (Poll)
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MordecaiRocks188/18 6:05PM
Name any character you want in smash and I will... (Archived)
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ChibiDialga208/18 6:01PM