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Who here thinks Dixie Kong's chance of inclusion in SSB4 has actually gone up? (Archived)
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Maan, Link looks BADASS! (Archived)
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The arena stage probably gave away that Little Mac is also a character. (Archived)
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Expected New Females (Archived)Pegeta16/11/2013
Any actual statement on the version differences? (Archived)Kokiburi76/11/2013
Wow. They want way too far /w Mega Man. He's ridiculously OP! (Archived)
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When this game comes out you'll all be trippin! (Archived)Is_Corrupted46/11/2013
My favorite thing about what they did to Mega Man (Archived)MegamanRockX246/11/2013
Hoping for 3rd Parties. Sonic, Snake, Pac-Man and more (Archived)KingMTJ36/11/2013
I'm making a 2nd New Leaf character named "Villager" (Archived)DexterTheThird26/11/2013
People, get over it (Archived)
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We had better get Ike back. (Archived)
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I think the reason for less "newcomers" shown is... (Archived)Ccrules279186/11/2013
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7/8 of the original N64 starters... (Archived)skapenance66/11/2013
Tripping confirmed (Archived)
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My bet is toon link will not return (Archived)
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Toon Link confirmed for cut? (Archived)
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