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Out of our Newcomers, most of them are babies/little bitty tiny babies. (Archived)
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soothsayer77186/12 1:25PM
Character Preferences 43E: Mii Brawler vs. Ravio (Poll)mutehero736/12 1:25PM
As of now we have 9 newcomers. How many more do you think we'll get? (Archived)Gameesh76/12 1:24PM
What will Chorus Men's real character name be? (Archived)
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TraverseTown136/12 1:23PM
Random Moveset Challange (TSC Mini) (Archived)
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Eyemeralds1096/12 1:22PM
I believe Pacman is taking Game and Watch's place in the roster. (Archived)MasterSword546106/12 1:20PM
Hmm, why are people so angry at Zero winning the invitational? (Archived)
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Noctus3806/12 1:19PM
LOL at the people who thought the Gematsu leak was fake (Archived)
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TheNextUser506/12 1:15PM
So I played during smash fest and I've got to say I don't know why all the hate? (Archived)bobopatch23476/12 1:15PM
I think I'm going to miss Snake's codecs. (Archived)Chenmaster266/12 1:14PM
We can now have four female fighters in a FFA. (Archived)
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Chenmaster2206/12 1:14PM
Isn't Little MacxSamus just adorable?! (Archived)Blue_Inigo46/12 1:12PM
So, what characters are you making with the mii fighter? (Archived)
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Darkangel4444316/12 1:09PM
Isaac's assist trophy isn't being shown cause he's still an unlockable AT (Archived)
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TheAquaman803126/12 1:08PM
SSB4 gameplay I recorder today at nintendo world (Archived)kidbuu7426/12 1:07PM
A real pet peeve of mine is people who say that Mewtwo and Lucario play alike. (Archived)Solar_Crimson56/12 1:07PM
YR: Sony says "Smash brothers looks like a pillow fight with babies..." (Archived)
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Horace_the_Best426/12 1:06PM
What role will Miis play in tournaments? (Archived)TheAquaman80396/12 1:05PM
The greatest crime of Snake not being in Smash is... (Archived)
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NEW-WAYS-2-DIE116/12 1:03PM
YR: Gameplay mechanics and speed can be custom set with a slider in the options. (Archived)Xynaxus6436/12 1:02PM