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Be prepared for some more odd newcomers. (Archived)
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I hope this game is not letterboxed on SD displays (Archived)
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Do you think Toon Link will return? (Poll)SalsaSavant86/16/2013
What Sakurai is saying is they will try everything they can to get ... (Archived)
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Wait... (Archived)HenrikDiangelo56/16/2013
Which game had the best announcer? (Poll)
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3DS or Wii U for your Super Smash Bros (Archived)
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For those who feel whether or not character X replaces character Y (Archived)KFrosty376/16/2013
Let's face it there will be no cuts, the 6 newcomers will be all we get. (Archived)LordYggdrasilXX26/16/2013
Why do people want Lucina in this game? (Archived)
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if ice climbers arent in the game in ANY FORM i'll be upset (Archived)OgreBattle01946/16/2013
I'm starting to doubt Miis being in... (Archived)papermegaslime86/16/2013
She may seem like a joke, but Wii Fit Trainer was definitely intentional. (Archived)
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guys i dnno about you but kim kardashian would be epic (Archived)DeZA_Dee46/16/2013
Do you want Vaike from Fire Emblem? (Poll)
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Hasn't it been 2 days? When will we get that new image update for the site? (Archived)DeZA_Dee56/16/2013
Do you think Pikmin 3 will get a cute, Japanese song? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman46/16/2013
What if Sonic is in but. . . (Archived)harle1012000106/16/2013
Why does nobody want Mii in the new SSB? (Archived)
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Peach hairstyle in smash bros (Poll)dragonfruit15246/16/2013