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Fat Little Mac trophy? What is that from? (Archived)HakuMan11138623/10 5:27AM
I would do so many naughty things to Little Mac. (Archived)
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TooManyVowels123/10 5:22AM
If Ridley DOES end up being a stage hazard and/or boss... (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson133/10 5:22AM
Characters who need to be buffed/nerfed (Archived)
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trustyb233/10 4:52AM
what does a fat little mac have to do with capitan rainbow? (Archived)
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druskie153/10 4:48AM
Character you'd most like to rep a series Returns: Day 4: Wario Series (retry) (Poll)
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Zero_Destroyer193/10 4:47AM
so hyped about yoshi (Archived)Huanchi33/10 4:41AM
Okay what's up with today's picture? (Archived)PT_Piranha33/10 4:30AM
will mac's fat trophy be.... (Poll)geno4smash423/10 4:21AM
False Leakers are so predictable (Archived)PhantasmShot33/10 4:13AM
So far, this Smash Bros is actually a net negative from Brawl. (Archived)
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Zapazoid413/10 4:10AM
After watching today's PotD we can say Little Mac... (Archived)Kooky_von_Koopa33/10 3:54AM
Whenever a random poster claims to know the roster, GFQ is on it. (Archived)Kurumiee73/10 3:24AM
World War Waluigi is today!!! (Archived)
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MooMinded203/10 2:53AM
Your reaction: Miiverse posters choose the roster. (Archived)
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Terrabell123/10 2:49AM
New Rumour from Reddit... (Archived)
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MotorBug2005533/10 2:46AM
For those saying Captain Rainbow isn't popular (Archived)NutOfDeath73/10 1:16AM
Which are more annoying, fans or haters (Poll)
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EJW313/10 1:07AM
Hi I'm Daisy! (Archived)BluntGrunt53/10 12:50AM
Daisy fans unite! Send this our message to sakurai (Archived)Michaeloll43/10 12:40AM