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I'm gathering up all videos of Smash 4 into one playlist! (Archived)TheAquaman80386/10 2:59PM
Question (Archived)OlafPietro56/10 2:58PM
Let's not rush to judge the physics (Archived)cnking296/10 2:58PM
"Splatooner" for Smash (Archived)
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charlex3466/10 2:57PM
Still waiting for Pac-Man, Shulk, Chrom, and Chorus Men (Archived)
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StevenDrkPrince296/10 2:55PM
This is how the tournaments gonna go down (Archived)Daisyfanboy86/10 2:55PM
I'm loving the new "hit the screen" deaths in SSB4 (Archived)PlasmaCannon106/10 2:54PM
So has every character been confirmed top tier? (Archived)Flame55286/10 2:54PM
Little Mac has his pink hoodle. (Archived)Solar_Crimson86/10 2:54PM
So using a Mii, I could make this moveset? (Archived)BalloonBattle0536/10 2:51PM
Doesn't look like you can swim anymore. (Archived)Solar_Crimson26/10 2:48PM
Soooooooooo........... The Palutena leak was fake. (Poll)
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Blulightning116/10 2:47PM
S.M.A.S.H. games - Challenge 4 (Archived)
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Seb_Ramoray306/10 2:46PM
Sakurai clearly wanted to make his own harem with these new Smash Bros games. (Archived)brawl__0866/10 2:45PM
Tingle is an AT. (Archived)Rocquarto76/10 2:43PM
Miis only newcomers to not have unique artwork (Archived)cnking246/10 2:43PM (Archived)JinjoMaster56/10 2:42PM
I love how yesterday people were saying Gematsu would be proven false today..... (Archived)
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matthewtheman226/10 2:42PM
Which Mii Fighter will be the most used? (Poll)any14coffee46/10 2:41PM
FINALLY! Mii and Palutena home screens. (Archived)RedFlyNinja36/10 2:41PM