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Bomberman seriously needs to be in smash bros

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5 years ago#21
^ Yeah that sounds good.

Bomb types and probabilities can be like this:

Regular [40%], Ice [20%], Electric [20%] and Salt [20%].
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5 years ago#22

From: RevOn_DX | #016
I was using his moveset from DreamMix TV World Fighters

Can't believe any one other than me has actually played it. Good game, good game.

Optimus Prime is amazing.
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5 years ago#23
Needs moar Black Hole and Lava bomb.
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5 years ago#24
I completely agree that he should be in Smash, but what could his moveset be? Seriously if anyone can think of a good moveset for him please post it.

Made a Bomberman Special moveset a while back...

~Up B - Bomb Jump (Works like Sonic's ^B, but with a slight delay before the jump and more sideways travel distance. The bomb is propelled downward as Bomberman kicks off it. Does nothing if used on the ground.

~B - Bomb Grow ( Bomberman materializes a bomb and holds it with both hands. Bomberman can hold a bomb and a weapon at the same time. Holding down B will make the bomb grow until it shines at max size. Bomberman will walk at a steady pace with a full grown bomb, but others will crouch as struggle with it like those crates, should they be crazy enough to pick it up. Bomberman can only throw or drop a max size bomb. ^B and jumping can be used with a bomb in hand, but the bomb's size affects the height. Bomb explodes if someone attacks you in any way.

~Down B - Remote Explosion ( A bomb created with B will not explode on its own unless its attacked in any way or throw on something. Bomberman will throw his fist in the air, an the bomb will detonate. If anyone is in range, they can be hit with his fist and fly straight upwards. Wont work if you're holding a bomb.

~Side B - Bomb Kick ( Bomberman pulls his leg back- sightly hurting anyone in the way- while materializing a default size bomb, then kicks it. The bomb rolls and explodes if it hits something or rolls for too long. Can be detonated with vB. Fighters hit by the kick itself on either side will fall to the ground and slide away from Bomberman. >B can be used while holding a bomb, but wont work at all in mid-air. The kick itself can be used repeatedly, but only 3 bombs max can exist on the stage at once. With the limit reached, not even ^B will work.
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5 years ago#25
This is a Bomberman build based upon Bomberman 64. I can do others based upon various other Bomberman games if you wish.

B- Bomb Charge, puts a bomb in his hand, allows him to charge it, once fully charged he can place it or throw it, bomb can not be moved or picked up if at full size (though it can be kicked/punched or picked up if not fully charged). You can have 3 small bombs on the field or one big one at a time.

B^- Bomb Jump, does a 3rd jump by dropping a bomb under him quickly and using it to launch himself, bomb falls a short distance and explodes, this bomb counts towards the 3 bomb count/1 big bomb count, though it can only be used once like Sonic's (Bomberman does not fall helpless if he uses it)

BV- Remote bomb, creates a bomb that will not explode until Vb is pressed again, this bomb can be charged and counts towards the 3 total (to charge it bomberman must first place it with Vb, pick it up with a, then hold B to charge it)

B>- Bomb Kick/Punch, tap to punch, hold to kick, kicking a bomb causes it to roll till it hits an obstacle, falls of the edge, or explodes. A kicked bomb that hits a human player will cause them to take light damage and flinch like they got hit with a light punch. A bomb punch arcs the bomb a short distance, the main strength of this is that if it lands on an opponents head, it'll dizzy them momentarily like they had their shield broken (though they can recover faster then a normal shield break based upon damage %).

Final Smash- Red Bombs/Max Power, Bomberman begins to glow and he gains super armor (though he can take damage) and all of his bombs are now red (or max power). Red/max power bombs deal more damage and have a larger blast radius. A powered red/max power bomb can hit most of the screen dealing. Bomberman can also now lay 6 bombs or 2 full sized bombs and can charge them in half the time.
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5 years ago#26
Psh, Black Hole bomb is much more destructive than the red bomb.
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5 years ago#27
I was thinking that if the 64 Bomberman is used, his Final Smash would summon Sirius.

He'd say "Guess I better help." then swoop down and take Bomberman on his back. You then proceed to control Sirius and dash around the stage in a Super Sonic like style.
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