Alliance for the best immortal space pterodactyl around.

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seriously, he's the most viable rep.
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Alliance Members

This alliance shall not die!! Here's some music to get you pumped:
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I am one of those oh-so-rarest of people: I wouldn't be opposed to seeing Ridley in Smash Bros, but I'm not really rooting for him, either. If he gets in, I think he'd be a neat addition; but if he doesn't get in, I wouldn't miss him either.

And honestly, I think the "too big" business is pure nonsense. Olimar should be tiny compared to the others if we were going to go by "canon" character sizes. Pikachu and Jigglypuff wouldn't be at a competitive size, either. Size really shouldn't prevent Ridley from being in Smash Bros. His animalistic shape might prevent him, but we've even broken that stereotype with Ivysaur. Logically I think Ridley is a perfectly reasonable addition, I'm just not emotionally invested either way so I'm not rooting for or against him.
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Sign me up, Sire :)
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