Think of 5 Smash characters before entering this topic!

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Mario eats Dr. Mario...
Hey Crapface! Why dontcha blow it out your ear.
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As you are walking through a peaceful forest on a beautiful day, you see Mewtwo getting eaten by Pyoro. While you are trying to get away, Pyoro notices you and gives chase. You wake up in a cage. You quickly free yourself by slashing through the wooden cage with your sword. As you explore the area, you notice a rotting corpse which vaguely looks like Wolf. You have to get out of there fast. On the way out you hear some screams coming from a corridor. Inside the corridor are Fox and Ganondorf locked in a cage, desperately calling for help. You quickly free them, but as soon as they are free, Pyoro is suddenly standing behind you. He/she/it attacks with a loud roar, not wanting his/her/its food to escape. Ganondorf jumps towards Pyoro while shouting 'Go already, I'll be joining you soon!', but he/she/it is soon overpowered by Pyoro. With the last bits of his/her/its strength, he/she/it pulls out a grenade from nowhere and firmly grasps Pyoro. While running out of the cave, body parts come raining down on Fox and you . A few years later You and Fox have built a house and have got kids. Ganondorf is now seen as a national hero and he/she/it has become the worldwide symbol of courage. As for Mewtwo and Wolf, they were just very, very unlucky.

Ohhh Jesus I seriously had damn kids with a freaking FOX?!??!!
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