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Think of a Smash character before entering...

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User Info: Streethawke

4 years ago#31

Dude. very much okay with this. =)
Flight is freedom. Break the sky.

User Info: MegaManZ3ro

4 years ago#32
Peach. Aww yeahhh.
Currently waiting for TWEWYT, AA5, AAI2. Claimed Iris from Golden Sun.

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#33
Lip. We shall never speak of this again.
Saki, Isaac, Lip, Lyn, and Little Mac for SSB4!
Cailou. "Cuteness never looked this badass" - Chuggaconroy.

User Info: Unbridled9

4 years ago#34

I pray we didn't do it so that Link doesn't come hunting me down. If we did, I enter into the poultry business to try and protect myself.
If you love a person, it doesn't matter if they cheat.
If you love a person, you won't cheat.

User Info: koops3003

4 years ago#35

I could see after a night of drinking that happening by accident
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User Info: DarkAres_02

4 years ago#36
Lucky I chose one of the only females; Samus.

That said, I believe she would kill me very easily in rage.
Waiting for: Fire Emblem: Awakening
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User Info: RanzEDGE

4 years ago#37
Woke up next to Lucario? i have a sad feeling i was bottom...
"We are not small you are just to big can you not see this!?" ~TheDenpamen

User Info: 2000eramaax

4 years ago#38
If I woke up next to Wolf............
WiiU/3DS Fc: 2363-6674-0779

User Info: MegaCuban

4 years ago#39
"Your coffee is terribly nasty"

User Info: coconutarmy1

4 years ago#40
Peach. She is human! I'll have to ask about the army of mushrooms.
Currently commanding a platoon of coconuts. Slow work, but very fulfilling.
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