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what is the best Smash game???

#21_XCrazy_DaisyX_Posted 12/6/2012 10:07:45 AM

Honestly I enjoyed Brawl A TON. It had a WHOLE bunch more content, and a lot to do for solo play and a good variety for multiplay. As far as pure fun, Brawl perfect Melee and added a ton. I can't even go back and play Melee because of that. That being said, I felt like Melee was better balanced and more viable for competitive play,

My sentiments exactly.

Melee was great in its time, but now I have to force myself to go back, I actually get bored right away.
I do miss some of the stages & the 1player events here they were far better than brawl's.

Overall Brawl was a huge improvement /maybe not competitively but still way more fun for me.
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