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Who was your main in each smash game?

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User Info: MTW829

4 years ago#191
64: Pikachu
Melee: Roy
Brawl: Ness & Pit
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User Info: Bleach313

4 years ago#192
SSB64: Fox
SSBM: Dr. Mario
SSBB: Marth / Toon Link

I haven't noticed this before but mine are pretty weird lol.

User Info: GameKing59

4 years ago#193
All: Luigi.

User Info: Darkeagle6

4 years ago#194
SSB: Ness
SSBM: Marth with a bit of sheik, though for a long time it was a mix of Ganondorf, Mewtwo and Young Link
SSBB: Sonic, though I occasionally enjoy using Pokemon Trainer (I mess around with a lot of characters in Brawl, but I'm not especially good with anyone else)

User Info: bpcarter

4 years ago#195
SSB64: Samus
SSBM: Toon Link
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User Info: SuperWiiCube64

4 years ago#196
SSB64: Luigi
SSBM: Luigi, Roy, and Mr. Game & Watch
SSBB: Ness, Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, Luigi

User Info: Twilight_Winter

4 years ago#197
SSB: started with Pikachu, but then switched to Fox (fits my style better).

Melee: Started with Fox, but then changed to Link, sometimes I'll use Dr. Mario.

Brawl: Started with Link (still use him sometimes) then switched to Wolf.
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User Info: CocaCola0703

4 years ago#198
SSB: Link
SSBM: Marth
SSBB: Ike/Wolf

User Info: P00DGE

4 years ago#199
I didn't have one in 64

Sheik in Melee
Zelda in Brawl

User Info: FreeRangers

4 years ago#200
SSB: Ness
SSBB: Snake and Ike
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