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Could this be the "My Immortal" of Smash Bros.?

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4 years ago#1

Every chapter makes me laugh my ass off. - Viridi is best goddess.
4 years ago#2
This has to be a trollfic, there's no way someone could write something this bad by accident. I mean this is on "naruto veangance revelaitons" levels of bad.
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4 years ago#3
Dolan, how many times have I told you not to write fanfics?
4 years ago#4
im on a missin frum gad
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4 years ago#5
Here are some choice quotes from what I've read so far...

Chapter 1
- just then the door toteh science room opened and God walked in. he was waring a rob and had a bread like he allways does.

- "boo!" said the Heatrans so God stroked all them to.

- "right this is the hardest thing u ever done even harder than ur math test last month. God thing i'm God and I can give u cool powers and stuff."

Chapter 2
- Also I didnt updaty yesterday becuz my family thought that their woud be the raptor.

- I thought it was Mister Chef from Hallo but it wasnt but I didnt no that so I cloded my eyes an mad out with robot person but when I open them its not Mastre Cheef but SAMAS ERIN!

- "BECAUSE IMA LESBAN!" Samas said "anf im a antithesis so I want u 2 goto hell for bein gay like me."

- "stop been a gay librul Samas" Icke said.

- "its ok Samas is a librul so she hadit c**in" March said.

- Captan Falco (who was Samas boyfrend b4 they both turd gay from a govermint vaksine)

Chapter 3
- Also I no that Samas is a lesbain becuas when I firts playted I only saw her in amour soi thought she was a hot guy but then I usde her finale smash and fond out she was a gurl. I had to star at my pics off justan beber and jayncob 4 even longer then I usuely do wen Lauren comes over 2 kep me strait.

- We were the rad tem becuase were consercativs and they wear the blu tem becuas they wer libruls.

- Boozer keeped breathing firs at us an Falco s*** lazors form his gum. Zelda turne dinto Shrek and throw needs at Boozer and hit hem wiht a chan.

- "this gams winer: rad tema" the narater said.

- "OMG! that was amazon! I nerver seen someone us a finale smash withotu a smash ball b4!" he said.

- Samas saw I was washing so she tred to deduce me with her lucius lips and huge beasts but I was strate so it didnt work and Mark hit her with his sord while she was distrected and his dad threw gonads at her.

- "Samas! Get ur had in the game! Present brock obana wode want us to kill all Christens," Waryo said.

- "I cant im a librul vogon now so ican only eat vegetas." Waryo said. So Waryo was lose.


- That nite I had horble nitmars that Math was farced too have gay sax with Satin and Bark Obameh.

Chapter 4
- Samas wasin bad with 4 womens and they were kissing and dong it to each otter.

- "Sara! U must jonus and be gay!" Samas and the otter lesbamns said.

- Clod pulled out his gina sore and smucked a lesban with it.

- Then Maryo s*** furballs at anotter lesban and she burst into fame.

- I started stroking her with lighting from my fingers like in Stair Was becuz one of the powers God gave me was tobe a yeti with the forc.

- "Well ned more people Snoop will want 2 c** too save his son and Lonk and Ick are Marth's beast pals.

- He tred to pinch me but I puled out my dads s***gun (its one of my specal movs no that im a smasher) and s*** him until he ded. Than I did the sam to Master Hemp.

- So Taboo roped of his musk and reveled that he was a bleck guy. But he was wering a soot not gane close so I new he culd only be presadent brock obama!
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4 years ago#6
Chapter 5
- "impassible! Noone can use there finale smash without a smash bell!" Brak Osama said. Now iwas moor powarfel then him and I quackly wan.

- "idont no lets fine math" Kink said.

- "ew, dad. Those are last moths shos" he sed to Snack. Snak was wering last months shoos but Marth shuldnt no that.

- "NO NOT MY SUN!" Snarf said.

- Zelda s*** furballs and used the dimand sheld thin b4 turning into Shaq and using kun fu and ninja stuff.

- Link throwed his bonerang

- Peech throwed turdaps and Kerby hit them with his hummer.

- I thout I wold be rapped into a lesban and then id hav too kiss girls and stop wering makeup and start wering flanel and id only shop at homs deepo insted of gud storks.

Chapter 6
- Also im not a slot ima CHRISTEN!

- Snak evan chaned his nam frum Soiled Smock to Solendra Snaef

- He called lots of relly great people like Bard Palsy and Tobe Ketrh and Care Underwode and Honk Willems Junor and Tod Nougat and Justyn Bebur and On Directon and a buncha other people. And beast of all he got TALER SWIFT to c**.

- I piced it up and red the cover. It sad "SECRETE PLANE 2 MAEK TAILAR SWOFT MY LESBAN LUVER."

- "SAMAS IS GUNA RAERP U AND TURN U INTO A LESBAN!" I scrammed into the fone.

- "IM GUNNA RAP U TAYLAR SWAFT!" she began ranning 2 the stooge.

- Wen Samas got too the stag Tad Nuget grabed his asalt ruffle and s*** her like a billion times. Wile she was destracted by that Tobe Keeth sneaked up behind her and shaved a boat up her ass

Chapter 7
- the next day Link waked me up an told me that the No Yirk Jet were playin agenst the Hirool Fotball team that day.

- "wynaut" I said.

- "becuz we nede 2 fite maches 2day and allso im brotesh so I thank socer is fotball becuz king jorge the turd was a America-hating commanst who hated America and name socker fetball in enguld so thet reel footbal cant be in brutishland."

- "No teem up 4 ur first mach 2day" Mister Hens said

- We want 2 the mach agenst Marth and Capten Fulcone. Wen we got 2 the stag they wer havin gay sax onit.

- We massed the fettbill gam but we saw that the Jers won and Tom Tebo scared a buncha pants.


Chapter 8
- "Lick my s***?" I said.

- "I braked out" she said. It was my worstest feer. I new she wuld evantully be pardanned by Bareck Obaka but I hopped the wasingtan burowcrasy wuld dely her pardan lon enuf 4 a Republeken too be elect or for Obamuh 2b impech. I didnt except 4 Samas to brake out.

- "U didnt figar it out yet?" Zelda said. She runned ovary and stated to ripe off my close and she kissed me.

- "Yes I am sexay Sara" Zelda toched my brass.

- "Been a lesban isnt sumthin to be afeared of Sara" Zelda said "Im hapy now that Samas and I r dating."

- "It doesnt matter how hapy u r. Its an abomasnow!" I sed

Chapter 9
- "Dame rite she aint" Samas culd swer becuz shes a lesban and goin 2 hell aneway.

- Than Samas and Zelda lusfully loked in eachodders eyes and prassed there lucas lips togetter.

- "Zelda! Wh lesban now?" Link was clergy very sad abot this.

- "No Link wen gayz and lesbans have sax they charg up with the powar of Satin and Barak Ovama! There 2 powarful rite now!" Ike sad.

- "Link as u no im the princess of Hirole so I mad a new law" she said "STRAITNESS IS NOW ILLEGAL! U WILL HAV 2 MARRY GANANDORF OR GOTO PRISAN!"
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4 years ago#7
I've seen worse.
4 years ago#8
Bumped for great justice, people need to know about this story.
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4 years ago#9
Pikmin3000 posted...
Bumped for great justice, people need to know about this story.

no they don't
4 years ago#10
Well, it's been updated today. So how exactly does Kink, annul his marriage to Ganandalf, exactly how you'd think pretty much. Also the author stomps on canon once more by making Link and Toon Link brothers. Shine on you crazy diamond!

Chapter 10 Highlights
- "Than yule go 2 prism!" Zelda said "the weddings 2marow so be their. I ned 2 go to Hom Depo with my girlfren Samas now tho so im leving."

- We gathered a mating of all the remaning Christen Consertatives in the Manshon. Everbuddy got a buncha mor crasses.

- We gathered the Christens 2getter to thank up a plane.
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