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My New Character Roster

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4 years ago#1
1) Mario
2) Luigi
3) Peach
4) Bowser

I didn't add any more Mario newcomers, simply because I think 4 is a good cap for any franchise. Only 4 people are allowed on the battlefield (Unless they add a 5th with the game pad capabilities, but who knows), and there are many other series that have yet to be represented that deserve representation.

5) Link
6) Zelda/Sheik
7) Ganondorf
8) Ghirahim

This is the same, just with Toon Link replaced with Ghirahim. Young Link represented the series pre-Melee, Toon Link represented the series pre-Brawl. Ghirahim, if anyone, should represent the series pre-SSB4. Skyward Sword is the only Zelda game in between Brawl and SSB4 (Most likely, and with the exception of handhelds). He would be the best option for representation.

9) Pikachu
10) Pokemon Trainer
11) Jigglypuff
12) 6th Generation Pokemon

Pikachu is the face of Pokemon. Pokemon Trainer is the main protagonist of each game, though he is a different person each time. Jigglypuff has on of the "Orginal 12 Cards" so she is a safe bet. I'm sorry but people really need to be realistic about Mewtwo, and even Lucario. They were awesome, still are, but their slot will always be replaced with each game. The other 3 Pokemon slots are pretty much locked in. And like I said with Mario, 4 reps is the cap for each franchise.

13) Kirby
14) Meta Knight
15) King Dedede

Perfect representation, no change necessary.

16) Donkey Kong
17) Diddy Kong
18) King K Rool

Added King K Rool. Big part of Nintendo history. We know he isn't forgotten, as he appeared in the latest Mario Baseball game as playable with his minions (This was also a Namco game, which doesn't hurt his chances).

19) Fox
20) Wolf

Falco has been cut. I don't see Falco as THAT important to the series as the other two, and I don't think they deserve more than 2 reps. Especially if he's just going to be an altered clone.

21) Pit
22) Palutena

Sakurai will most likely add a rep from the series, as he created the last installment. Palutena is the best option.

23) Marth
24) Chrom

Chrom is now the more relevant FE rep, which is why Ike was cut. I can honestly see Ike coming back, as he wasn't a clone, but for now he's cut.

25) Ness
26) Lucas

Perfect representation, no change necessary.

27) Samus
28) Ridley

I feel like Ridley deserves to be in, even though at the same time I hope he isn't just because of how awkward he would be. I think his chances are 50/50 at this point, and hopefully if he's in they will make him work.

29) Shulk

The series has been acclaimed greatly and has sold well, so they should have a representative, with Shulk being the best option.

30) Olimar

I can see him being cut for another Pikmin 3 character, which I hope he doesn't because I love the little guy. It's too early to tell though.

31) Captain Falcon

Perfect representation, no change necessary.

32) Little Mac

He was revived in the Wii recently, and is a big part of Nintendo history. He deserves to be in.

33) Saki

The last installment didn't sell well, but it was acclaimed. I honestly think they deserve a rep, that being Saki, and if not that, Isa Jo.

34) Dillon

I think 3DS games should be represented somehow. I think Dillon would be great as a character for this representation.

4 years ago#2
35) Yoshi

Perfect representation, no change necessary.

36) Wario

Perfect representation, no change necessary.

37) Ice Climbers
38) Mr. Game and Watch
39) R.O.B.
40) Takamaru
41) Duck Hunt Dog

Added Takamaru and Duck Hunt Dog. Takamaru is very likely to be in. I think Duck Hunt Dog would be the best way to represent the WTF character. Plus, Duck Hunt is a huge part of Nintendo's history, so they should be represented somehow by now.

42) Snake
43) Sonic
44) Pacman

Pacman, at this point, is pretty much a shoe in with Namco developing the game. There's no way they're gonna put in a vague character like Lloyd Irving over one of the biggest video game icons.

So to recap-

1) Toon Link
2) Lucario
3) Ike
4) Falco

1) Ghirahim
2) 6th Generation Pokemon
3) King K Rool
4) Chrom
5) Ridley
6) Little Mac
7) Shulk
8) Takamaru
9) Palutena
10) Dillon
11) Saki
12) Duck Hunt Dog
13) Pacman

That's 44 total characters, with 13 newcomers and 4 roster cuts.

4 years ago#3
5 million rosters on this board and none of them satisfies my smash bros needs... :c
"We are not small you are just to big can you not see this!?" ~TheDenpamen
4 years ago#4
RanzEDGE posted...
5 million rosters on this board and none of them satisfies my smash bros needs... :c

What would satisfy your Smash Bros needs?
4 years ago#5
Add back Falco and take out Duck Hunt Dog and you're good.
My SSB4 Roster:
4 years ago#6
UberPyro64 posted...
Add back Falco and take out Duck Hunt Dog and you're good.

I thought about that. And for the record, I admire your roster there in your sig as well.

Quality > Quantity
4 years ago#7
-Cut Ike
-No Mewtwo, you stated that there is some sort of trend in the pokemon reps only using brawl as a reference. Thats only one data point and a very weak conclusion
-Cut Falco, not going to happen
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4 years ago#8
4 years ago#9
I like it a lot. It's very reasonable. My only complaint lies with the Duck Hunt Dog. I think he faces the same issues that an Animal Crossing representative does/did. As far as how to best represent the Duck Hunt games, I believe a stage would be sufficient representation.

I'll give it a 95 out of 100.
Ahoy, matey!
4 years ago#10
Pretty solid roster.
One complaint, do not remove Falco above Wolf.
Falco has more seniority and a nice fanbase.
Love the retro section!

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