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Here's how I'd do the game, for the roster.

#11ExodecaiPosted 1/11/2013 9:43:55 AM
I see Waluigi. I'm happy with it.
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#12alien803(Topic Creator)Posted 1/11/2013 10:55:35 AM
tehponycorn posted...
Andy (from Advance Wars i assume?)
has no chance, his games never sold well in japan, so the japanese would rage.
Waluigi has no chance whatsoever, take him out now.
Tingle is not the most deserving new zelda rep, Ghirahim is.

Other than that, a pretty good roster. 7/10

This is not a prediction roster.

Tingle is the most deserving Zelda rep. Around the time SSB4 comes out, a new Zelda HD game will be out too, making SS old news. I think it's safe to assume Ghirahim won't be in it, making him an irrelevant one time Zelda boss. Tingle, however, has appeared in many Zelda games and has four games of his own. He's also more generally known than Ghirahim, being known by pretty much every Nintendo fan instead of just Zelda fans.