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I am sad.

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User Info: LemonPenguin

4 years ago#11
liveman789 posted...
Wonderful news, that means the game is being taken seriously.
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User Info: Gohansephiroth

4 years ago#12
Someguy_13 posted...
I'm fine with this.
"We're gonna be fighting the biggest beast of all - the times"~Big Boss

User Info: ecylis

4 years ago#13
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User Info: fissionprimer

4 years ago#14
Doug314 posted...
liveman789 posted...
Wonderful news, that means the game is being taken seriously.
obvious sticky (;

User Info: TheGreatUnown

4 years ago#15
l33t_iRk3n_Rm33 posted...
The latter, I don't want. But Waluigi would be awesome.
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User Info: LegendofLegaia

4 years ago#16
ViewtifulGene posted...
I would be happy if they aren't playable.
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User Info: Dalek_Who

4 years ago#17
alien803 posted...
waluigi and Tingle probably won't be playable in this game. :(

Because they will be exterminated!
Orders received: exterminate all humans!

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