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POLL: Who do you want as the Namco character for Smash 4?

#1SnakeyPosted 1/28/2013 9:16:26 AM
Which character do you want to be Namco's playable character in Smash 4? - Results (477 votes)
28.51% (136 votes)
A Tales Character
33.96% (162 votes)
A Tekken Character
4.19% (20 votes)
A Soul Calibur Character
7.76% (37 votes)
8.81% (42 votes)
11.11% (53 votes)
5.66% (27 votes)
This poll is now closed.
If you choose Tales, Tekken, Soul Calibur, or Other, please specify.
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#2ssj_duelistPosted 1/28/2013 9:17:37 AM
Other: none

None of their characters are recognizable.
#3Pikachutwo2Posted 1/28/2013 9:18:07 AM
#4Davidk92Posted 1/28/2013 9:18:57 AM
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#5evilsquirrlePosted 1/28/2013 9:19:56 AM
#6jakestar0306Posted 1/28/2013 9:22:36 AM
ssj_duelist posted...
Other: none

None of their characters are recognizable.

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#7ssj_duelistPosted 1/28/2013 9:24:31 AM
jakestar0306 posted...
ssj_duelist posted...
Other: none

None of their characters are recognizable.


Only his 2D form is iconic, and it would make no sense.
#8iKhanicPosted 1/28/2013 9:25:00 AM
Tales: Spada or Lloyd

Also, Klonoa being in this game is incredibly doubtful, given that he's spend most of his life on Sony consoles, and he has to compete as a platformer with Pac-man
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#9Elec Man EXEPosted 1/28/2013 9:31:20 AM
Definately a Tales character. I don't really even mind who it is. Lloyd makes the most sense, but they could put just about any Tales character there and I'd be fine with it.

I just don't see Pac Man being a very interesting character, despite how iconic he is. Eat stuff, roll around, ground pound... meh. Namco x Capcom had to give him a mech suit just to make him interesting.
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#10albertojz356Posted 1/28/2013 9:32:36 AM
I'm ok with any of them.
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