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The ultimate Isaac moveset confirmed

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User Info: demigodxsero

4 years ago#1

Weight: **
Jump: ****
Doublejump: ***
Speed: ***


B: DJINN UNLEASH. Isaac swings his sword in his classic attack animation and a random djinni appears to add an effect to his attack. In order of rarity from most common to most rare:

Bane: Weak damage and power, but adds damage over time (like Lip's stick) for 6% total.
Echo: Two extremely successive hits, dealing 4% each. The second hit has upward knockback.
Ground: No damage, but stuns for 1.5 seconds.
Flint: 12% damage. Very strong knockback.
Geode: 23% damage and good knockback. Very rare.

B^: ODYSSEY. Two translucent swords intersect Isaac in an X pattern, then rotate to overlap pointing above him (this can instead be aimed with the joystick). Isaac launches in the direction aimed, tearing 7% through every enemy encountered. Mild knockback.

B>: QUAKE. Chargeable.... Isaac swings his arm mightily, rising the very earth in front of him for three body lengths. Deals 4% damage and has little height. When charged to Earthquake, has four bodies in length and 5% damage. Quake Sphere has a distance of five Isaacs and deals 6% to each target hit.

Bv: GAIA. Another chargeable B attack, when unleashed, the ground around Isaac erupts (like Ike's eruption), delivering mighty knockback to his foes. Damage ranges from 3-7% and when fully charged, has a high amount of power (less than Falcon Punch). This can only be used when Isaac is standing on a surface, and will only hit enemies touching that surface, and within range.

FS: MEGIDDO. Isaac leaps offscreen for two seconds, during which the player aims his attack in the same manner as a warp star. When the timer ends, a meteor comes flying to the stage (a la Snorlax), dealing 40% to those who touch it. The cloak of reentry flames deals 4% per second to anyone in contact. Knockback on the meteor is extremely high.


Damage listings are for fully charged attacks.

A^: Punji Strike. In the traditional spell casting pose, Isaac summons punji to strike above him. Good knockback (10%).

A>: Quick Strike. Isaac hops up while bringing the sword around for a wide swing. Takes a bit of time to execute, but is very powerful (13%).

Av: Thorny Grave. Small demons materialize along either side of the ground. Each deals 9% damage and weak knockback.


Grab: Isaac sends out a psynergy hand to ensnare a foe.

Attack: The hand squeezes its victim.
Up: Lift. Tosses the victim skywards. Weak damage, mild distance.
Forward: Force. Smashes the foe in the stomach. Fair damage and knockback.
Down: Pound. Crushes the target for strong damage.
Back: Lash. The enemy is viciously flung backwards. Low damage, high distance.

1. A djinni shoots out of Isaac and swirls around him before re-Setting itself.
2. Isaac gives a few test swings of his Sol Blade, then poses.
3. Isaac performs a number of expressions, accompanied by the trademark face bubble over his head. This taunt is about as long as Young Link's taunt is.

ENTRY: Teleport. Enough said.

STAGES: Mars Lighthouse Aerie and a Lemurian Ship

User Info: Lao-ShanTux

4 years ago#2
This is awesome.
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User Info: Hark21Ball

4 years ago#3
Ooooh i like!
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