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A different kind of character list

#1Volvagia_RulzPosted 2/8/2013 2:33:11 PM
I’ll keep this brief—there is no reason to compose a long rationale for wanting to post my thoughts on Smash 4’s character list. All I want to say is my perspective is very different; that is, I am not dealing in anything definite. I am exploring multiple possibilities and my list reflects this idea. There will be multiple possibilities for each section as I do not believe there is any real way to actually predict what the roster will look like. All the same, I hope my list intrigues you before you give me a 0/10 for not including your favorite, obscure character.

Read below to understand my crazy notations

You probably noticed I have a ton of crazy symbols next to all the characters. Here is a brief guide to understand what all those notations represent:

Bold-faced characters appeared on that introductory picture Sakurai tweeted some time ago. This does not mean these characters are confirmed for Smash 4. Rather, I see this as being a strong indicator of the characters’ presence, hence their strong presence on the roster with bold-faced text.

Italics represent newcomers/potential newcomers. Naturally characters not in italics are returning characters.

A character with an asterisk is a returning character who I believe may be cut. This does not mean I think any character in particular will be cut. All I am saying is there is a fairly realistic possibility.

A character with two asterisks has some special addendum attached to their inclusion. These will be explained more specifically in the franchise’s individual analysis.

|Example A
|Example B
Characters’ with one vertical line in front of their name represent multiple possibilities solely within that franchise. For example, if Mario, Luigi, and Bowser all had a vertical line by their name, I would be saying I only see one of these characters getting in (or, if applicable, two, but never more than two).

|-Example A
|-Example B
Characters with a vertical line followed by a horizontal line represent a second set of multiple possibilities solely within that franchise. At this time, only the third party section uses this notation.

|/Example A
|/Example B
Characters with a vertical line followed by a diagonal line represent a set of multiple possibilities across multiple franchises. Unlike like the single vertical line, there could be one, two, or more of these characters selected. Theoretically, not all characters with this notation would be selected, however.
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#2Volvagia_Rulz(Topic Creator)Posted 2/8/2013 2:33:25 PM
The List

Super Mario Series

|Bowser Jr.

Yoshi Series

WarioWare Series

Donkey Kong Series
Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong
|/King K. Rool

Legend Of Zelda Series

*Toon Link
|Toon Zelda (et al)

Metroid Series
Samus Aran (w/Zero Suit)

Kirby Series
Meta Knight

King Dedede
|/Waddle Dee

StarFox Series
Fox McCloud

*Falco Lombardi
*Wolf O’Donnell

Pokemon Series

Pokemon Trainer (w/ *Squirtle, *Ivysaur, *Charizard)
|New Trainer Pokémon

F-Zero Series
Captain Falcon

EarthBound/Mother Series
**Mr. Saturn (ITEM)

Fire Emblem Series


Kid Icarus Series


Modern Nintendo Series
Olimar (w/Pikmin) (Pikmin)
Little Mac (Punchout!)
Takamaru (Mysterious Murausame Castle)
|Shulk (Xenoblade)
|Isaac/Matthew (Golden Sun)
|Saki/Isa Jo (Sin & Punishment)
**Mii (Wii Series)

Retro Nintendo Series
*Ice Climbers (NES Console)
Mr. Game & Watch (Game & Watch)
*R.O.B. (NES Accessory)

3rd Party Series
|-Luke fon Fabre
-Lloyd Irving
|-Yuri Lowell
|Capcom Rep
|Square Enix Rep
|Konami Rep
|Sega Rep
|Ubisoft Rep

I will try to address individual questions/concerns as they arise. I also reserve to right not to do so--this is an Internet message board not a court hearing.
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