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Take a good 3rd party character, and give them a Special-move list + final smash

#1ZuuFPosted 2/9/2013 11:12:54 AM
I'll do two (Viewtiful Joe, and the Prince of Persia). I will not list damage, because this is just some thoughts that I have emailed and gotten the "personal" response of "Thank you for submitting your ideas. We will let you know if we use them or not."

Viewtiful Joe:
b-voomerangs (can charge one at a time; like Link's boomerang, only slightly more powerful, faster, and can be charged)

side-b-Fast Forward; starts a combo that works the same way as Marth's dancing blade

down-b-V-bomb (think Link's bomb, but less powerful, a larger radius, and slightly less stun)

up-b-Henshin-a-go-go, baby! (spins upward using his cape)

Final Smash: Slow-mo Zoom (Viewtiful Joe grows to be twice as large, and everyone is slows down 25% (putting them at 75% of their normal speed)); lasts 25 seconds

Prince of Persia (Warrior Within; has extremely effective grabs and throws, but I won't list those; also would have great dodges)
b-Focus (can be charged; once charged, you can press B again to swing at an enemy (if it hits, they are slowed for 5 seconds by 50%; no damage) or A to gain a speed boost (200%/+100% for 5 seconds) on your normal A attacks)

side-b-Weapon Throw (same as Samus' charge beam, only using a throwing knife)

down-b-Eye of the Storm (charges up for a area-of-effect attack that surrounds the Prince)

up-b-Second Chance (allows you to move freely for about 2 seconds in a slow-motion-esque manner)

Final Smash: Rewind/Wrath of the Sandwraith (the Prince puts on the Mask of the Second-Chance, and becomes the Sandwraith (slightly more powerful, slightly faster, and percentage goes up 2% every second; starts out by taking whatever % he's at down 100%, and lasts 20 seconds)
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