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Your most hated stages in Brawl

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4 years ago#11
There were a good few:

75 m
New Pork City
Spear Pillar
Flat Zone 2

I also don't understand why they brought back Big Blue. Poke Floats would've been a better alternative. >__>
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4 years ago#12
Final Destination- Heavily spammed online and annoying lip edge.
Port Town- Overpowered cars.
Spear Pillar- Only when Palkia and Creselia are there.
Skyworld- Too precarious.
Mario Bros- More of a item toss fest than a fight.
Iceberg- The Balloon Fight fish.
New Pork City- Too big
Norfair- Too many gimmicks
Hanenbow- Kinda hard to find a comfortable fighting spot for me.
Flat Zone 2- The gimmicks ruin the fight.
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4 years ago#13

The worst stage from Melee should not have been brought back in Brawl.
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4 years ago#14
Hanenbow (Too much going on and not enough space to fight)

Rumble Falls (Self-Explanatory)

Pokemon Stadium 2 (Lazy design)

Shadow Moses (Just out of disappointment, the Metal Gears should've been interact-able. Rex could be firing missiles, Ray fired that laser, and the Gekkos jump on the field kicking and whipping with those tendril things.)

*raises flame shield*
Final Destination! (Boring as hell and WAY overused)
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4 years ago#15
75m, Mario Bros., New Pork City, Final Destination (have a friend who only plays on this stage, whenever we play it's pretty much just this stage when he picks. It's become boring at this point), and any of the stages like Rainbow Cruise.
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4 years ago#16
Rumble Falls
New Pork City
Flat Zone 2
Spear Pillar
Mushroomy Kingdom
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4 years ago#17
New Pork City, Battlefield (I've always hated it for some reason), Big Blue, Spear Pillar, Skyworld.
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4 years ago#18
4 years ago#19
New Pork City and Spear Pillar are just terrible.
4 years ago#20
Final Destination was far too large for how slow and campy Brawl was. Was fine in Melee. And just for the sake of mentioning it: it was terrible in 64 against anything that wasn't Master Hand - not that you could play there against anything else under normal circumstances though.

Non Playable City was horrendous.

75m also terrible

Mario Bros too
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