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Sorry to kill your dreams of Mewtwo coming back.

#41MottmanPosted 2/13/2013 3:22:39 PM
Exactly how does a movie "boost" someone's chances of being playable, guys? When you say that, you're alluding that you think this is the thought process:

Worker 1: Hey, I just learned that there's gonna be a new Pokemon movie with Mewtwo and Genesect!

Worker 2: Whoa! We'd better let Sakurai-san know about this! He might want to bring back Mewtwo or include Genesect in SSB4!

Worker 1: Good idea. *approaches Sakurai* Ummm, Sakurai-san?

Sakurai: *laughs*

Worker 1: Right, umm, did you know that they're making a new movie with Genesect and Mewtwo?

Sakurai: *pets his cat*

Worker 1: Oh, so you did know. Should we begin working on character models for either of these guys?


Worker 1: Oh, I see. Thank you, Sakurai-san. *leaves*

Worker 2: Well, what did Sakurai-san say?

Worker 1: I think Mewtwo just went from unlikely to a definite maybe, and Genesect went from irrelevant to possible!

Worker 2: Oh, okay. I'll start working on character models for them just in case!
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#42Nomorice4UPosted 2/13/2013 8:35:41 PM
I'd take Mew2 and GnSX over jiggs and Red. I don't want Red to return if the stamina mechanic comes back with him.