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If Cloud and Sora were to make it into this game, what stage would they use?

#1dehsooPosted 2/13/2013 12:08:53 PM
Also what music would you hope for? I'm not sure about Sora, but for Cloud I would either like the Battle Music or maybe Sephiroth's theme.
#2CrystalKing5426Posted 2/13/2013 12:29:43 PM
Is there a whiny, prissy, annoying emo stage?
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#3maxen963Posted 2/13/2013 12:40:30 PM
Don't worry about that..... they wont be on the game.
#4MM125Posted 2/13/2013 12:41:01 PM
Midgar or North Crater for Cloud. Destiny Islands or Traverse Town for Sora.
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#5ultimateluigi98Posted 2/13/2013 12:50:04 PM
A stage in Midgar would be pretty cool, and they've got a bunch of great music to draw from for it, though FF7 has a lot of places that would make great stages. I could care less about Kingdom Hearts, though.
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#6ninjarauiPosted 2/13/2013 1:35:40 PM
For cloud, I am thinking the support structure in Midgar that gets blown up while your on it that causes sector 7 to be killed. I can see you having to dodge explosions and falling debris the whole fight.

Sora, would be Destiny Islands. I would personnally want the world that never was skyscraper though.
#7Darth XelleonPosted 2/14/2013 2:24:23 AM
Cloud has never been a main character on a Nintendo console, so Sora would be more likely.

And he would probably get Traverse Town for his stage.
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#8DeandoPosted 2/14/2013 2:59:34 AM
Cloud would never fit the atmosphere of Smash Bros. Sorry, but he's more suited for Soul Calibur.
#9bleachgamer3Posted 2/14/2013 4:26:22 AM
Sora: Traverse Town, Clock Town, Destiny Island.
#10Traptin3daysPosted 2/14/2013 4:32:19 AM
Deando posted...
Cloud would never fit the atmosphere of Smash Bros. Sorry, but he's more suited for Soul Calibur.

Hmm, Cloud vs. Link in Soul Calibur 6? Yummy!
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