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POLL: Rate My Character Roster Version 8: Whoa, it's vertical now?

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4 years ago#1
Rate out of 10 - Results (34 votes)
5.88% (2 votes)
8.82% (3 votes)
14.71% (5 votes)
23.53% (8 votes)
8.82% (3 votes)
14.71% (5 votes)
8.82% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
2.94% (1 votes)
11.76% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.

As you can tell, this time I made the roster screen 5 by 9 instead of 9 by 5, therefore it is still the same amount of characters (45, minus transformations).



The Mario series dominates Nintendo consoles, so I don't think it would be unfair if they got another rep. They did have 5 in Melee, after all. But, that 5th rep was just an undeserving clone of Mario that would have been better as an alternate costume. So then, who is deserving? In my opinion, only two characters: Bowser Jr. and Toad. Anyone else (Waluigi, Daisy, Birdo, Rosalina) is extremely minor to the series and can at best be an assist trophy.

So why do I go with Bowser Jr. in the end? (1) He's a villain, which the series could certainly use a couple more of. (2) He's an actual character, and not a "race" of a character like Toad. Yoshi gets a pass because he stars in his own series, unlike Toad, and Pokemon speak for themselves. (3) He has a great moveset potential. While Bowser's moveset revolves around his physical abilities, Bowser Jr.'s could revolve around the gadgets he uses in the games he's appeared in. Forget that Shadow Mario business, that's just asking for a half clone.


The main villain of various Donkey Kong games of the past. He isn't forgotten, either. His latest appearance was in Mario Super Sluggers, which was made by Namco, which is the company codeveloping the game. Does that mean anything? I don't know. But it doesn't hurt his chances.


This is more of a alteration to Diddy Kong's moveset. I can see it working in two ways. (1) Pressing DownB causes one of them to hop out of the match and the other to hop in, so basically a transformation. (2) They could work similarly to the Ice Climbers, except pressing DownB switches which one you are controlling. Dixie could have a altered special moveset from Diddy, and their Final Smash could revolve around Rambi the Rhino.


At this point, I think the only potential newcomer is Genesect, if not a 6th Generation Pokemon. Zoroark has gone stale at this point, and Mewtwo had his chance to shine over ten years ago. Genesect, being a sort of robotic bug/steel-type, could have a very interesting moveset that no past Pokemon could have been able to display.


Do I think Kid Icarus deserves a second rep? No. Do I think they'll get one? Yes, just because Sakurai worked on the latest Kid Icarus game. Out of all the Kid Icarus characters besides Pit, Palutena is both the most likely and the most deserving. Pit's Final Smash would obviously have to be changed, though.


He was only an assist trophy in Brawl, but since then he was revived in a new game on Wii. Even if he didn't, he surely deserves to be in this game as a playable character.
My latest Smash Bros 4 roster:
4 years ago#2

The obvious choice for a new Fire Emblem rep. I'd say he's almost guaranteed .


The protagonist of Nintendo's most recent 2nd party franchise, which was also critically acclaimed and sold fantastically. He deserves to be in.


Probably the most likely retro character this time around, as he's very popular in Japan.


I think people may be underrating this guy's chances. Yeah, he's extremely new, but so is Shulk. He also has a sequel coming before Xenoblade. He would make a great rep for Downloadable games, which has gotten bigger in Nintendo since Brawl was released. I'm not saying he's got high chances, but I think he's got at least decent chances.


The most obvious third party addition, since Namco is developing. Choosing Lloyd over the mascot of Namco, and not to mention one of the biggest video game icons of all time, would be ridiculous.


The Snake of this generation. No one expected Snake, he's a fish out of water in Smash Bros. Sakurai is good friends with Snake's creator, and he put Snake in. Sakurai is also good friend's with Suda 51, Travis's creator. Suda51, at one point or another, had voiced his interested in including Travis in a Smash Bros game. I can definitely see this happening. Yeah, he'd have to tone down his language and violence, but that's it. He'd fit wonderfully in the Smash Bros style of fighting.

Clones are one thing. When clones are just different incarnations of the same character, I consider that a waste of space. Unless he has completely different moveset from Link, I'd rather not have him return.
My latest Smash Bros 4 roster:
4 years ago#3
Tbh Palutena and K. Rool are the only ones I care much for on the list. And Travis definitely shouldn't be in. Just because someone was really stupid with Snake in brawl doesn't mean the mistake should happen again.
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4 years ago#4
I like it enough. A bit to many characters for me and I like the choice of Travis Touchdown.

Chrom, Shulk, Takamaru and Little Mac are my top choices so this is good. I would also like Megaman, I would prefer him to the Touchdown but it's your roster.

I like it. 8/10
4 years ago#5
Unfair, and fair are relative terms. If Mario has more than enough character representation, then it's fair that they don't get a new character. If they did, that's unfair to other series that have better characters to use.
Saki, Isaac, Lip, Lyn, and Little Mac for SSB4!
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4 years ago#6
-1 for cutting Toon Link
-1 for no new LoZ characters at all (at least fix Ganondorf or Toon Link!)
- .5 for No Megaman
- .5 for adding Travis Touchdown OVER Megaman
-1 because of the following characters; Dixie Kong, Dillon and Genesect.
Genesect would be nice but I'm thinking we're not keeping Lucario and adding Genesect.
Dixie Kong would be nice too but with us wanting no clones and balancing the roster I think K. Rool is good enough for the DK reps for now. There's a large number of a characters that a lot of people would prefer over Dillon.
Overall 6/10. Unique roster though!! :)
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4 years ago#7
Imo Cut


They should only be in Brawl to keep the game special

I want a new game with new characters.
Oh Yeah!
4 years ago#8

Probably the most likely retro character this time around, as he's very popular in Japan.

Source? If he was "very popular", I'd assume they'd have given him more than one game for his series.

Anyways, 2/10 for your roster. It's a slight improvement.
4 years ago#9
Well, the addition of Bowser Jr. makes me like it more.

However, you still have Little Mac, Palutena, Takamaru, Shulk, Travis Touchdown, and Dillon.

I don't appreciate Pacman, but I'm not going to argue he is unlikely.

I had to take some points off purely because of how sure you are that Chrom would get in.

Also, you still have no Capcom character. Sakurai has said there will probably be a Capcom character.
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4 years ago#10
pokemon trainer looks like a ****ing badass in that picture.
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