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Do you like Lucario?

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4 years ago#11
Don't care for him honestly, I think he's over rated both inside and outside the Pokemon fan base. I never cared for his design or his type, and it doesn't help that in the Pokemon games I'd usually beat Lucario(s) with 1 super effective move from a Pokemon who was 10 levels weaker. (I am not exaggerating... and I'm not anything special at Pokemon games either)
4 years ago#12
I do enjoy his presence, and I infinitely prefer him over Mewtwo for actually fitting the series and not bogging it down with trying to be edgy.

I just hope he doesn't go the same way as that POS.
4 years ago#13
I didn't, but he's grown on me since Brawl's release.
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4 years ago#14
Playing as him, I find quite fun. As a Pokemon/character, I really don't care.
4 years ago#15
Yes, I like him in a freaky and emotional type of way.
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4 years ago#16
I never really cared much for Lucario honestly. I couldn't get into his playstyle in Brawl, and his niche in the competitive Pokemon scene didn't fit my playstyle. I guess I never really had a chance to care about Lucario.
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4 years ago#17
He has always been an extremely overrated Pokemon. In gen IV you couldn't walk two steps without him being shoved down your throat, and just when I thought he was losing fame, B2W2 came out.

We need to make way foor cooler things, like Genesect. Mainly because I've wanted a playable bug in Smash for a while now.
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4 years ago#18
Yeah, he's a much better Pokemon rep than Mewtwo was.
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4 years ago#19
Like him. I hope he gets to stay around.

On one rhand, he's the face of Gen 4 and is even fairly popular today (the way he was everywhere during his generation, you'd think he's a Legendary).

One the other, I just KNOW GameFreak and/or Nintendo will want a Gen Sixer in and there's only so much room...
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4 years ago#20
As a Pokemon, I like him. As a Smash character, I do not because I'm still bitter about him replacing Mewtwo.
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