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WarioWare Reps.

#11l33t_iRk3n_Rm33Posted 2/16/2013 3:46:42 PM
I like Ashley waaaay more than Mona, but she's about as likely as Bibleman.
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#12IronChef_KirbyPosted 2/16/2013 3:59:35 PM
I'd prefer Ashley, but I don't have any idea how likely any of them are.
#13FoxMakinWafflesPosted 2/16/2013 4:23:21 PM
RECON64bit posted...
Warioware destroyed wario. It deserves no reps, it has been decreed.
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#14Virus66Posted 2/16/2013 5:13:10 PM
I personally don't think the series needs any more reps, but I think it would be cool to put in 9-Volt instead and give him a moveset that borrows from all characters since he is a video game whiz kid.
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