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You don't think they'll take out a bunch of characters and...

#11Charizard18Posted 2/17/2013 4:15:56 AM
UnicornTamer1 posted...
haha, imagine they kept Toon Link and cut Adult Link

Big Link is not relevant anymore *trollface*
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#12LegendofLegaiaPosted 2/17/2013 4:58:39 AM(edited)
I doubt that Sakurai will do a lot of cuts.

Maybe one or two due to time constraints, but that's about it. The majority of the Japanese fanbase are highly against any cuts and if he cares about how they feel about the roster (which he does, considering how he's made numerous polls asking what characters they wanted to see get in), then he'll try to keep as many characters as possible, even if that means getting less newcomers than usual.

There's also the problem with who to cut. In Melee, 4 of the 5 cuts were clone characters, with pretty much all of the same attacks as the characters they're clones of. Of those 4, 3 were essentially baby Pikachu, Mario wearing a doctor costume, and OoT Link #2 (who was replaced with Toon Link anyway). Mewtwo and Roy were both irrelevant to their series at the time, so they were more expendable than some of the other choices (even though Mewtwo is one of the more popular Pokemon out there).

So who do we cut now?

Sheik for Impa? That's kind of pointless because people want Impa to take on Sheik's moveset, so the change would be completely aesthetic. We wouldn't really be getting a new character, just potentially a new down B attack (if she was separated from Zelda).

Ghirahim for Ganondorf? Awful idea. Ganondorf is one of the three most recurring characters in the Zelda series and Ghirahim will most likely end up being a one shot from Skyward Sword and Zelda Wii U would probably be released not that long after SSB4 anyway (at the very least, we'd probably have some footage of it by then).

Toon Link? I'd probably care the least if he left, but considering how Wind Waker is getting a remake for the Wii U soon, I really doubt that they'll cut him now.

ROB? He's got a unique moveset and represents a series by himself. There's no reason to cut him.

Ike? He's got a unique moveset and Chrom could easily be given a moveset separate from him and Marth's. Plus, Ike has starred in two FE games.

Lucas? He was the main character of the last game and his A-moveset is fairly different from Ness's and if there has to be a Mother/EarthBound cut, then I don't see why it can't be Ness.

Wolf? He barely passes as a clone of Fox, if you actually bother to compare his movesets. Besides, if we have to cut a Starfox character, then why does it have to be a main antagonist and not one of Fox's damsels in distress?

Modus_Pwnens posted...
I'm all for cuts. F*** "unique movesets"

Yeah, and I'm sure you'd still say the same exact thing if your favorite character was cut for SSB4.
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#13Blazekicker27Posted 2/17/2013 7:15:19 AM
UnicornTamer1 posted...
haha, imagine they kept Toon Link and cut Adult Link

I'd be perfectly okay with that.
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