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Your reaction Pacman and Megaman are assist trophies!

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  3. Your reaction Pacman and Megaman are assist trophies!
2 years ago#1
What would be your reaction in the two becoming assist trophies, and Capcom choosing different characters to take part in the game?
2 years ago#2
For Pacman, I'd be thrilled. I'd much rather have him be an assist trophy than a playable character, and if we got a Tales rep instead, even better.

For Megaman, I'd be kind of indifferent. If there was a Capcom rep, and it was Phoenix Wright or another Megaman character (Like Zero or Bass) I'd be happy, otherwise I might be a bit irritated.
Got Eggplant?
2 years ago#3
Depends on who got the playable slots. Since I really doubt Namco and Capcom would allow their characters to be ATs without a playable rep.
"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can't do."
~Walter Bagehot
2 years ago#4
That would make absolutely no sense. How do you THINK people would react to that?
Tissue to the extreme!
Hey, is that Jack Ryder up there?!?
2 years ago#5
won't happen.. so no need to believe so..
Elektra for UMvC 3 and Pac man for SSBWIIU
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  3. Your reaction Pacman and Megaman are assist trophies!

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