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FE reps will be Marth, Ike and Lucina

#21albertojz356Posted 2/20/2013 5:24:45 PM
Nintendo is really pushing Fire Emblem forward i'm sure it could easily have three playables in Smash Bros 4.
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#22judgementaeonPosted 2/20/2013 5:25:32 PM
Davidk92 posted...
ViewtifulGene posted...
Davidk92 posted...
FE reps will be Marth and ONE OTHER CHARACTER.

Not proven. Just because the last 2 games had 2 FE reps, it doesn't mean that's the limit.

I'm not following a pattern. I'm following the common sense of "the series doesn't deserve any more reps".

Actually, if you ask me, FE's becoming one of the best selling series, other than Mario, Zelda, Kirby, and Pokemon of course ^_^
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Soooo borrreed >_<
#23PyroIsASpyPosted 2/25/2013 3:14:34 PM
Well Nintendo did some very strong advertising for the game and it's been received positively by critics. Lucina is also a very popular character among the FE crowd, so it's understandable that she would have a good chance of getting in.

IMO, the Avatar from Awakening could also be an interesting choice. Being a Sword and Magic user gives it a lot of move option and as for the variable appearance, they could give him a generic look with its face hidden by a cloak or, and it more of a stretch, make that on the 3DS version, it takes the appearance of your in-game avatar.
#24JuliafanAMPosted 2/25/2013 3:21:22 PM
haha, googling Lucina --- she looks exactly like Marth except with longer hair. Is she a descendant?
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#25PyroIsASpyPosted 2/25/2013 3:28:48 PM
JuliafanAM posted...
haha, googling Lucina --- she looks exactly like Marth except with longer hair. Is she a descendant?

Yes she is.

And I just thought about something.

I think it's not out of the realm of possibilities that the WII U version will have Marth, Ike and possibly some other Fire emblem character, while the 3DS version could replace Marth with Lucina and Ike with Chrom.

Very unlikely hypotheses, but that would fun in my eyes: the 3DS version and the Wii U version having completely different roster.