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my roster

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4 years ago#1

take out rob, game and watch, jigglypuff, lucario,genosect

add bayonetta, megaman x, riku, and travis touchdown, zz samus, zoroark,isaac(golden sun), ne wpkmn for trainer

dlc(shadow, bomberman, rayman)

i actually dont care for shadow but bomberman and rayman are possible to me but i do hope there would be better dlc and i dont think zoroark would happen cuz of the new gen
(i did want sora but i think kh3d riku would fit better)

but this is just a roudraft roster cuz
4 years ago#2
LOL that's my roster. Why the heck did you need to use my picture when it's not even the roster you're explaining?
My latest Smash Bros 4 roster:
4 years ago#3
oh and geno and paper mario
4 years ago#4
lol i was too lazy to type everyone out
4 years ago#5
You'll be hearing from my lawyers.
My latest Smash Bros 4 roster:
4 years ago#6
dang a bunch of typos and i cant even edit it they should add that
4 years ago#7
This is lazier than usual.
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
It's ****ing satire, damnit. In NGE, Doritos are perishable goods

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