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Who's the most overrated Smash characters? Day 13 part 2: Samus and Marth

#1alpha-apePosted 3/13/2013 1:07:47 PM(edited)
Who's more overrated? - Results (23 votes)
34.78% (8 votes)
65.22% (15 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Vote for the character you think is more overrated! (I'm not saying they ARE overrated, just your opinion.) With overrated I mean overrated in power, popularity, etc. (Just what you see in 'overrated'.)

Today are Samus vs Marth and Fox vs Falco.

This one is quite fun, it is basically a Battle of the Fanboys. I'm voting Samus, because I think she's quite overrated in power. I know some of you will disagree, but I'm not discussing that now.

I object! That was... objectionable!
- Miles Edgeworth
#2makedouniaPosted 3/13/2013 1:38:42 PM
I love both characters, but I'm going to say Marth