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I don't play competitively, but I like Melee better than Brawl

#1iKhanicPosted 3/20/2013 2:14:25 AM
I just find the more fast paced combat to be more enjoyable.

Anyone else think the same?
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#2dezmomoPosted 3/20/2013 2:18:41 AM
Casual player here too. Agree that I liked the physics a little more.
Project M feels pretty good, but as I said I'm only a casual player so I don't know if P:M is exactly the same as Melee, physics wise.
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#3alpha-apePosted 3/20/2013 2:21:07 AM
I'm not a competitive player and I like Brawl more. You die too fast in Melee.
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#4DragonDeoxysPosted 3/20/2013 4:09:43 AM
I like both
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