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Your Top 10 Smash Bros. Characters

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3 years ago#1
1) Ike (SSBB)
2) Mario (SSBM)
3) Fox (SSBB)
4) Falco (SSBB)
5) Mewtwo (SSBM)
6) Link (SSBM)
7) Ganondorf (SSBM)
8) Sonic (SSBB)
9) Toon Link (SSBB)
10) Lucario (SSBB)

I used DK sometimes, but that was pretty much to stomp my friends with bad matchups. I also used Snake. :)
3 years ago#2
The unfortunate truth is that people post their own, and then read no one else's in these types of topics.
3 years ago#3
Haven't played any but Melee in a long time.

1. Pikachu (N64)
2. Marth (Melee)
3. Ganondorf (Melee)
4. Falco (M&B)
5. Ike
6. King Dedede
7. Samus & ZSS (brawl)
8. Mewtwo
9. R.O.B
10. Roy
3 years ago#4
2.Captain Falcon
3.Mr. Game & Watch
10.Donkey Kong

I also dabble with Bowser and King Dedede.
Megaman for Smash Bros. 4!
I heavily dislike My Little Pony
3 years ago#5
In the original Smash (only top 5) Captain Falcon is my main. After that is Yoshi, Kirby, Fox and Pikachu in no particular order.

In Melee, Marth is my main. After that I don't have an order.

Ice Climbers
Captain Falcon

In Brawl, Marth & Snake are my top 2. After that I don't have an order as well.

Toon Link
Ice Climbers
Mr. Game & Watch
My SSB4 Roster:
3 years ago#6
Well the ones I use in Brawl are the ones I've used in every other title plus the newcomers so I don't want to have to label from what game these all are. Just assume Brawl. So that considered guess I go...

1. Diddy
2. Ike
3. Link
4. Marth
5. Lucas
(After this point there is no real preference.)
6. Kirby
7. Rob
8. P.Trainer
9. Zelda
10. Olimar
-->MY<-- Latest SSB4 Roster.
3 years ago#7
1. Donkey Kong (SSBB)
2. Jigglypuff (SSBM)
3. C. Falcon (SSBM)
4. Pichu (SSBM)
5. Pikachu (SSBB)
6. Ganondorf (SSBB)
7. Lucario (SSBB)
8. Game & Watch (SSBB)
9. Pit (SSBB)
10. Mario (SSBB)
Official Jigglypuff of the Super Smash Bros. Wii U boards
3 years ago#8
1. Cloud
2. Sora
3. Dante
4. Jackfrost
5. Neku

I don't care about the rest.
3 years ago#9
1. Mewtwo
2. Pokemon Trainer
3. Pikachu
4. Olimar
5. Captain Falcon
6. Lucas
7. Mr. Game & Watch
8. Ness
9. Toon Link
10. Kirby
Official Houndoom of the Pokemon XY boards.
3 years ago#10
Top in terms of what?
Palutena, Isaac, Ridley, King K. Rool, and Anna for SSB4
"I'm willing to bet money that Waluigi, Chrom and K. Rool are in this game" -DynasticAnthony
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