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Your reaction: This game gets cancelled

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  3. Your reaction: This game gets cancelled
2 years ago#21
XxWontonxX posted...
Sakurai: *laughs*

That's my line.
PSN:omegamarth. I play fighting games.
Official Shaquille O'Neal of the SSB4 board. Yeah, he'll be in the game, don't worry.
2 years ago#22
I will Fetish Kick Sakurai.
Fetish Kick!
Surefire way to make me post in a topic? Try inb4ing me.
2 years ago#23
I would kill myself... twice.

One for the Wii U and again for the 3DS version.
2 years ago#24
RECON64bit posted...
no point in getting Wii U now
2 years ago#25
2 years ago#26
I'd think: Nintendo are bigger idiots than I EVER imagined... o_o
6 episodes in a row of Team Plasma?
...m-my body isn't ready. I don't think it could ever be...
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  3. Your reaction: This game gets cancelled

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