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Karma moveset! OMG!

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User Info: BIRDOOH

4 years ago#1
Karma, the Enlightened One


B (Inner Flame / Soulflare):
* Normal: Karma shoots a pulse of fiery energy in a line. The pulse explodes upon hitting a target, dealing damage to everyone in the radius.
* Mantra Bonus: After the first initial explosion, the energy lingers on the target (or, if the pulse didn't hit any target, the energy lingers at the end of the path). After a couple seconds, the energy explodes a second time, dealing damage to the target and all nearby units.

upB (Inspire / Defiance):
* Normal: Karma inspires herself, lifting herself upward and briefly protecting herself in a shield that reflects the first incoming projectile.
* Mantra Bonus: Karma additionally releases a burst of energy around her, damaging all nearby units directly away from her.

sideB (Focused Resolve / Renewal):
* Normal: Karma dashes forward. She forms a tethered bond with each enemy she passes through, for a few seconds. Bonded units take damage over time but can free themselves by removing themselves from Karma's range.
* Mantra Bonus: Karma additionally gains a second of invincibility for each enemy she passes through while dashing.

downB (Mantra):
* Karma empowers her next special move within the next few seconds, granting it an additional effect. Mantra has a cooldown of several seconds. Karma glows brighter, the closer she is to having a ready Mantra charge. Dealing damage to enemies reduces the cooldown of this move.

finalSmash (Heavenly Wave):
* Karma unleashes a massive wave of daggers in a cone in front of her. Enemies take great damage from the daggers and are blown away by the wind, while Karma and her allies are healed.


* AAA: Karma strikes with her palms, which are filled with glowing energy.
* dashA: Karma does a graceful kick forward.

* fTilt: Karma slices her fan forward.
* uTilt: Karma slices her fan above her.
* dTilt: Karma performs a sweeping kick on the ground.

* fSmash: Karma explodes a ball of energy in front of her with both hands.
* uSmash: Karma twirls and slices her fans twice above her.
* dSmash: Karma spins on the ground with her fans.

* nAir: Karma slices both fans in midair.
* fAir: Karma elegantly kicks forward.
* bAir: Karma extends her arm behind her, her palm full of damaging energy.
* uAir: Karma slashes the sky above her with a fan.
* dAir: Karma kicks her leg downward.

* pummel: Karma shocks her target by channeling her will to her palm.
* fThrow: Karma pushes the target horizontally with energy released from both palms.
* bThrow: Karma psychically spins the target and throws them downward behind her.
* uThrow: Karma swiftly lifts the target upward with her sheer will.
* dThrow: Karma throws the target downward in front of her.

* uTaunt: Karma plays with the energy flowing from her hands and says, "You know what they say... Karma always catches up to you."
* fTaunt: Karma flaps her fan and says, "Guess what's about to hit the fan?"
* dTaunt: Karma takes out her two fans and performs an elegant dance.

User Info: whiteshadow_exe

4 years ago#2
This isn't the League of Legends board xD I'm a regular there myself which made me hesitate to realize this xD
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User Info: Jangobadass

4 years ago#3

User Info: ShenanigansMan2

4 years ago#4
If LoL gets a rep, it has to be Teemo.
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