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The problem with Fire Emblem Reps is that they are either obscure or use swords.

#41RobotPirteGhostPosted 4/11/2013 1:51:41 PM
I remember somebody came up with the idea to have Chrom and MU/Avatar as a team. Sort of like the Pair up mechanic in FE:A, the secondary character would only attack every 5 or so attacks that the primary one does.

If Chrom is the primary, they both use swords. If MU is the primary, hes uses a tome and Chrom uses a lance.
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Negatis_Rider posted...
_Super_Shadow_ posted...
Lucina can be her own character.
not a Marth skin

She has trained directly under chrom, there are hundreds of different ways to use a sword.
look at how metaknight uses his,
or link?
we can find other ways to do so, and we have an overwhelming amount of other characters to make swords still exciting.

Pr. Marth and Lucina has the same moves on Awakening.

Becuase Pr. Marth is based off Lucina's character model it's not different than the rest of the characters using the generic character models based off their class. However Marth's smash bros moveset and Lucina's combat style are relatively different. Since she fights similarly to her father except with some swordmaster style while her father has some mercenary style to his combat.
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Hector? Acutally he showed up in 2 games, but his promotion has a sword, so I guess that's why he doesn't get any love.

No matter what his iconic weapon of choice is an Axe.
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I would love for Tiki to get in.

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I bet you haven't even played the Japan only FE games.

Kid, I've SSS ranked Thracia.

Get on my level.

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I don't know what SSS ranking Thracia means, but I hope it was worth having no social life.

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