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Chrom moveset

#1alien803Posted 4/11/2013 10:37:29 AM
"Herpa derpa he uses sw0rd he ees clon uf maart"

A- pokes with sword

Down A- stabs the ground

Up a- Stabs sword upwards

Walk A- Slices forward diagonally

Run A- Jumps up and slams his sword on the ground in front of

Side Smash- Jumps up in a half-circle, sword landing flat. Critical hit.

Up smash- Throws his sword up and catches it.

Down smash- powerful low riding slice

Air A- spins his sword around him in a full circle

Front A- Brings his sword down in front of him. Meteor smash

Down Air- a kick

Back Air- Hits with his sword hilt

Up air- stabs upwards
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