If Lloyd is a rep, what should the stage and song be?

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DasDavid posted...
When we say Derris-Kharlan do we mean Vinheim or Welgaia? This topic has come up before and I thought/still think I guess that Vinheim could be a really cool looking stage, but I don't know if potential spoilers would be a problem for a game this old, and apart from that I can't think of any sort of gimmick that would set the stage apart.

It's not like it would HAVE to have one, but if I'm remembering right, every stage except battlefield and final destination has at least something about it that keeps it from being just a stage.

If the stage is Vinheim, it could include multicolored blocks that move when players attack it.

If it is the Tower of Salvation. the eternal sword could periodically come down, damaging all characters who are standing on the floor.
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The idea for Tower of Salvation seems pretty good. Enough to be different and not so much that it's disruptive.

And yeah, I've thought about the blocks in Vinheim, but I meant to say Mithos' throne room specifically. That's the stage where I can't imagine any gimmick apart from him attacking every so often from the background.
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