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Your Reaction: Earthworm Jim vs Siegfried

#1DahweirdacusPosted 4/20/2013 4:06:54 AM
Saw few others with the "Your Reaction" thing, so I figured I'd give it a shot.
What if, both of these Character's were put in the game?
Your reaction?
Mine is simple:

First: Earthworm Jim (Sega)
I personally want them to put Earthworm Jim in, his moveset works perfectly for the fighting style gameplay. He'd be a good character to goof around with. Final Smash could be something like him hop on the rocket and fly out of control and shout "WOAHHHHHH NELLY!!!"
And his victory music can be this:

Second: Siegfried (Namco-Bandai)
Why not? His moveset could work for the game and Namco-Bandai themselves are making this game.
If they keep Smash Ball's, his Final Smash could simply transform him into Nightmare for a short while as Bowser turns into Giga Bowser.
Imagine the matches that could be done: Siegfried vs Marth; Siegfried vs Ganondorf ect.
His victory music could be this:
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