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Morten >>>>>>>> Villager
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barrabaCHHS1810/24 5:05AM
Would you use this character, Day 4: M.O.D.O.K. (UMVC3) (Poll)generalguy64310/24 5:05AM
So we getting Mewtwo back, Great!. How bout wolf next please?
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Padraigo521410/24 5:02AM
Great Cave Offensive looks really fun but also very broken.Duncanwii810/24 5:00AM
Do you think the Wii U's trophy descriptions will be more traditional?Nes_Mettaur510/24 5:00AM
Anyone excited for Smash Tour? (Poll)AlexxPB210/24 4:58AM
ITT: We are the characters
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Tyranitrum37010/24 4:58AM
My sister doesn't like the violence in Smash, how can i convince her to play it?
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falloffcliffman1110/24 4:57AM
All right, everyone. Do you still believe the 3DS version gimped the Wii U one? (Poll)
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Theguysayhi10110/24 4:57AM
YESSSSS!!!!! I KEPT saying that Stage Builder should take notes from LBP!!
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Austin_4e1310/24 4:56AM
Ivysaur and Squirtle returning as DLC would make a lot of sense.
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ThisAnvil1710/24 4:54AM
I am so happy about the new Mother content!!!pielover19910/24 4:54AM
i just noticed we haven't seen any footage of cpu's in 8 player...druskie410/24 4:53AM
So when will Duck Hunts trailer be streamed?gamerED14110/24 4:52AM
Are you gonna buy both versions because of the mewtwo dlc? (Poll)graphicgamer410/24 4:50AM
Remember when...HenryKissiger610/24 4:49AM
Where were you when Sakurai shamelessly ripped off SNK?LordRattergun610/24 4:48AM
Smashmon: The First MovieNaughtyGhost510/24 4:46AM
How do you feel about Stage Builder?
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xXDa-KidXx2610/24 4:46AM
Do you like this character? (Day 40: Olimar) (Poll)Sniperdog117110/24 4:45AM