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Who would be the most unique newcomer in this game?

#21Modus_PwnensPosted 4/27/2013 3:28:46 AM
Wow, surprised not to see this one already:

#22KAMMYqueenPosted 4/27/2013 4:52:45 AM
KAMMY KOOPA is the final hope for Nintendo!
#23sumuthergamerPosted 4/27/2013 8:09:06 AM
Sailor_Razor posted...
Gandrayda, if she would be able to copy other characters absolutely for a limited amount of time. 1.5 seconds for every 10% of damage?

Whoa. Shang Tsung-ing it up in here!
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#24mutehero7Posted 4/27/2013 10:49:18 AM

His head floats in the background and fights directly with his hands Master/Crazy Hand-style. The hands float around slowly but can be knocked off-screen for a KO. You can only control one hand at a time, and Down B switches hands. The new hand will come in wherever it was when you switched previously, so in the end it's like a form of manipulated teleportation.
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#25HorribleLandCowPosted 4/27/2013 2:16:27 PM
Vaati. Being able to transform people as a final smash into hats or whatever and using sorcery as b button moves, which only zelda possesses.
#26MrSpacelySlatePosted 4/27/2013 4:57:01 PM
ViewtifulGene posted...
Wario and G&W already have movesets based on randomness. Randomness does not make Waluigi more unique than all other candidates.

In Smash, yeah. Not in their own particular games.