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Moveset - Classic Donkey Kong

#1Sailor_RazorPosted 5/1/2013 2:49:19 AM(edited)
Donkey Kong, as seen in Donkey Kong Arcade. Took some barrels from the future, now here he is.

Neutral B - Barrel. Grab a barrel out of nowhere. It can be thrown and breaks upon contact with anything. It does not drop items or slow you down. You can't do any other attacks until you throw it.

Up B - Auto Barrel Cannon. Hop in a Barrel Cannon and shoot in any direction. You can wait inside, but only for a couple seconds.

Down B - TNT Barrel. Set down a TNT Barrel. It sits for several seconds, like Wobbufet, and will detonate when struck with a melee attack. It can hurt you too!

Side B - Barrel Cannon. Swing a Barrel Cannon in front of you, which will capture anybody you get in them. You can then aim it like the Cracker Launcher, and shoot them in any direction you please, even as a projectile! They damage they've taken already determines their speed, distance, damage as a projectile, and the amount of time they're snared. If they break out, then you'll be left open to a counterattack.

Final Smash - Monkey Menace. Turn into the pixellated DK seen in 75m, do the growl, then turn back to normal. In addition to barrels falling from the sky, (like PK Starstorm lite) your normal barrels will be upgraded to TNT Barrels, your Auto Barrel Cannon will be able to move around before firing, TNT Barrels set as traps will explode larger and not hurt you, and the Barrel Cannon will have improved attributes all around. You can still be knocked around and KO'd, though the duration is somewhat lengthy to compensate. The barrels will stop falling before the upgrades expire.
#2Sailor_Razor(Topic Creator)Posted 5/2/2013 2:08:43 AM