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How many of you here have played a Custom Robo game?

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User Info: sumuthergamer

3 years ago#1
Just wondering, because a Custom Robo character is a possible newcomer. Even if the chance is really slim.

I played the GCN one a bit. It was pretty fun, but the controls were a bit frustrating. I think a Custom Robo game would look great on the 3DS.

Would you guys care for Ray Mk. II if he was added?
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User Info: bestssbbfan

3 years ago#2
Ray MkIII sound more likely simply to being more recent, however if a new game comes out I assume Ray MkIV would be the choice. No, I dont play the custom robo series, but am always open to new series getting spotlight in smash.
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User Info: DorotimusWitik

3 years ago#3
Played the Gamecube one, didn't like it.

User Info: DasDavid

3 years ago#4
Played the GC one as a child, loved it.

Played it again a few years ago and did not love it as much, but it held up.

Personally I'd love seeing a Ray playable, would be real interesting addition in my opinion.
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User Info: PickYourName

3 years ago#5
Played the Gamecube one as a kid and loved it. Haven't played it since, but I remember having a lot of fun with it.
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User Info: Someguy_13

3 years ago#6
I played the GC one, it was ok.

I don't think the series deserves a rep.
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User Info: sumostickfigure

3 years ago#7
A friend of mine had the GC one and I played multiplayer on it for a bit, but nothing more than that. Really, the only thing I can really say about Ray Mk. II's inclusion would be that I would recognize it at least.
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User Info: taoxadasa

3 years ago#8
I have the GameCube one, it was super fun. I'd love to see Ray become playable.
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User Info: CreepyAndNice

3 years ago#9
I played the N64 one a long time ago, it was kinda fun although maybe a little repetitive.

Wouldn't mind one way or the other.
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User Info: Limelight788

3 years ago#10
I'd love to see Ray become playable. Looked awesome in Brawl and more robots are always nice to have around. My personal favorite for a misc. newcomer.
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  3. How many of you here have played a Custom Robo game?

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