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Most Wanted/Popular Character Tournament R2 M15 - Chrom Vs. Balloon Fighter

#1ExodecaiPosted 5/3/2013 4:15:20 AM
Chrom or Balloon Fighter - Results (59 votes)
66.1% (39 votes)
Balloon Fighter
33.9% (20 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Welcome to the Most Wanted/Popular Character Tournament. Our previous match saw Captain Syrup defeat Tingle with a score of 28 - 17.

Today's battle features Chrom taking on Balloon Fighter! Let's see who is the most wanted and popular character for the upcoming Smash game!

Chrom (Fire Emblem)
Credit: Dayrili


Balloon Fighter (Balloon Fight)
Credit: fryguy64

To see the official bracket and results so far in the tournament, just visit the link below:
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#2Doug314Posted 5/3/2013 5:30:31 AM
Go Balloon Fighter!!
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#3Grammar_manPosted 5/3/2013 5:54:14 AM
Hm, the new FE Lord, or the character that Tingle can cover every avenue better than?
#4Traptin3daysPosted 5/3/2013 7:46:16 AM
Doug314 posted...
Go Balloon Fighter!!

Now let's sacrifice some chickens! :D
#5alpha-apePosted 5/3/2013 7:50:21 AM
Chrom has to win this!
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#6DragonwarriordudePosted 5/3/2013 7:51:41 AM
#7MottmanPosted 5/3/2013 8:35:18 AM
Chrom is an "expected, but boring" addition in my opinion.

I'd much rather have Balloon Fighter, and so I shall vote for him.
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#8DynasticAnthonyPosted 5/3/2013 8:36:30 AM
Chrom easily. No competition at all.
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#9JangobadassPosted 5/3/2013 9:25:33 AM
By Krom, I want Chrom! He's sounds pretty versatile. And we'd finally have an FE lord who looks like a man!
#10Exodecai(Topic Creator)Posted 5/3/2013 12:31:05 PM
17 - 14, a lot closer then I thought this would be
Let's try giving Waluigi a chance in the spotlight! 40+ supporters!