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I'm confused about this whole '5 characters' leak, can someone explain to me? (Archived)
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Which starlet has the best trophy? (Poll)
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Is Sakurai very hypocritical? (Archived)Ritster2168/25 1:40PM
What do you think the pic of the day will be tomorrow? (Archived)AngryPidgeon48/25 1:39PM
There is a mole among us. The leaked vids were unlisted... (Archived)undisputed2386108/25 1:39PM
Why is DK listed above 1983 and not 1981? (Archived)Osumnis48/25 1:38PM
Bowser Jr. and Shulk renders? (Archived)iAmTheLaw4568/25 1:38PM
I Just Wanna Know How Duck Hunt Plaaaayyys... (Archived)ShiniOfMadness18/25 1:38PM
MEGATON LEAK PICTURES. Come look. (Archived)
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I haven't commented on the legitimacy of any leaks since SSB4 was announched,but (Archived)jeffhardyrox18/25 1:38PM
Remember when we thought Wario's pupil was missing? (Archived)
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So Ganon, Shulk and Boswer Jr confirmed? (Archived)Camc1098/25 1:36PM
Well, time to change my signature... (Archived)Jekefka68/25 1:36PM
Anywhere to see the leak video? (Archived)Radbot4248/25 1:36PM
Duck Hunt may be a fake (Archived)FiniteGrab18/25 1:35PM
Sakurai should just show us all the reveal trailers tomorrow (Archived)Suppaman23428/25 1:34PM
So I have the first day of school, and I miss the leak being real. (Archived)energyman228948/25 1:32PM
Since everyone has been disappointed by the roster let's see what we learned (Archived)
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No character is cut. (Archived)mariobros0188/25 1:30PM
Is the Duck Hunt Dog being playable more "out there" than the Chrous Kids? (Poll)
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