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I_Wanna_Cookie and I were discussing Wolf and why he was cut (Archived)ss4parrothair910/29 8:19PM
PSA: There are no joke characters (Archived)
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ChibiRidley1910/29 8:19PM
What if BOWSER talked like this in SMASH? (Archived)
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LethalAffinity1910/29 8:18PM
Which character is most off-model? (Poll)L_M_4910/29 8:18PM
Who is Bowser Jr.'s mother? (Archived)
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xXCutthemacXx6010/29 8:16PM
Think of your two favorite characters(1 male, 1 female) (Archived)
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Bobolobo5710/29 8:11PM
Chrom or Roy? (Poll)
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Aerroh2010/29 8:06PM
Do you listen to outside music when Smashing? (Archived)JulianLegend610/29 8:06PM
This event match seems to have a lot of references to Snake and Big Boss (Archived)
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aman5411210/29 7:56PM
PSA: Lucina didn't "impersonate" Marth (Archived)MegaMario1000210/29 7:42PM
YR: Game and Watch is now voiced by Morgan Freeman (Archived)Dumdumwantgum310/29 7:42PM
So, did a quick study and I'm convinced 74% users here don't have Wii U. (Archived)Decapre1010/29 7:36PM
Would you be pleased with these Roster changes? (Archived)
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DrakJay1110/29 7:35PM
PSA: Just because you like a character and their game is good... (Archived)generalguy64910/29 7:34PM
The Shadow of a Boss (Archived)Dark_Zoroark510/29 7:33PM
Ganondorf has worse recovery than lil mac (Archived)
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WaterImp1510/29 7:32PM
Young Link actually DID come back in this game. (Archived)Triforceformer510/29 7:31PM
Mario is better than Dr. Mario this time around (Archived)generalguy64910/29 7:31PM
PSA: All character reveals have had a major surprise (Archived)
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Vyers1810/29 7:24PM
Tons of features, but still stuff missing. Let's list them (not characters): (Archived)
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RedZaraki2410/29 7:15PM