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Just finished the 20 Crazy Order w/Mario challenge in the most epic way possible (Archived)darkknight109412/13 2:05AM
Think of two numbers from 1 to 64. (Archived)Ruhdorkey912/13 2:00AM
I hate it when there's one character left in All Star and they keep damaging you (Archived)grantholomew412/13 1:58AM
3DS version probably wasn't the only reason Ice Climbers were cut. (Archived)
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LinkIII_IsBack4912/13 1:22AM
No Mere Sparring Match was the hardest solo Event. (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman2512/13 1:21AM
Why does Priority even exist? (Archived)
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Charity_Diary1312/13 1:19AM
New character leak!!!! (Archived)
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SHADOW01063312/13 1:18AM
Which of these characters are the most attractive? (Poll)
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TriforceX52212/13 12:58AM
Am I dumb? (Archived)
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Brawl5781312/13 12:46AM
About the Kirby amiibo: (Archived)GigaLuigi12512/13 12:37AM
Iconic is a trait with all these third party characters on board so with that in (Archived)Chenmaster2312/13 12:36AM
Pick That Pokemon - Gen III The Golems (Poll)Eyemeralds312/13 12:01AM
'Taunt Conversations' aren't working for me (Archived)
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Mikokiri1212/12 11:57PM
ITT:We judge the above posters main by their fav TVshow (Archived)
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ParaMorrigan5312/12 11:51PM
Nabbit glitch that can potentially freeze the game/system. (Archived)Solar_Crimson512/12 11:47PM
Are Amiibos usable while still in the package? (Archived)ZekRams412/12 11:40PM
If Subspace returned (Archived)Stunfisk32912/12 11:40PM
Tips for Marth? (Archived)Darkangel4444212/12 11:34PM
Which Wii Fit Trainer do you prefer? (Poll)
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Solar_Crimson1412/12 11:27PM
Anyone else wish they kept Pits look from his trophy in Melee? (Archived)
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Unknown Force4612/12 11:25PM