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ITT: Create a codec for the poster above you. (Archived)
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HeavyLobsterXL1811/12 7:39PM
I'm still upset that we have final destination versions of each stage (Archived)
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Arcanine20098811/12 7:30PM
I'm SRing for a shiny Mewtwo, and have been for the last... (Read poll question) (Poll)
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LagoonTheCursed1411/12 7:30PM
Would You Cut This Character? Day 4: Bowser (Poll)Varexa711/12 7:29PM
did they nerf rosaline to give daisy the 8 second luma instead? (Archived)HiImOhYeahDaisy1011/12 7:26PM
Okay, Amiibos are actually looking kinda cool, especially their AI (Archived)
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FlamingPies1811/12 7:24PM
Why do people even like or miss the clones of Brawl; Wolf and Lucas (Archived)
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falloffcliffman1811/12 7:18PM
Great Bay > Temple (Archived)Dumdumwantgum1011/12 7:12PM
Any chance of a patch fixing Samus? (Archived)
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MyloMane1211/12 7:01PM
Rooster Teeth Guys show level select screen in their Let's Play. (Archived)
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pokemonpokemon41111/12 7:00PM
I'm hard pressed to find anything to like about Smash Tour. (Archived)hekifier211/12 6:55PM
YR: In celebration of Majora's Mask, they release this DLC pack. (Poll)
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barrabaCHHS2211/12 6:55PM
If Rare was still under Nintendo, who would you want to see in the roster? (Archived)
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sim_salabim1211/12 6:52PM
For the digital download, 15.6 or 17 GB. WHICH IS IT!? (Archived)hekifier611/12 6:47PM
I'm seeing quite a few Lucina hanging out with Meta Knight pictures (Archived)Cynrascal411/12 6:45PM
The real reason Rayman wasnt included (Archived)KingDeadpool411/12 6:44PM
Anyone else miss the sheer lethality of SSB64? (Archived)
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Dersu_Uzala1411/12 6:35PM
Palutena's tilts (Archived)
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Jeff_Mercer2211/12 6:31PM
Question about Music (Archived)Random_Taco568311/12 6:30PM
Which of these remixes are your favorite? (Archived)Keeby7411/12 6:15PM