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So what's the official roster from those playing the 3DS version. (Archived)
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Gallusz1410/9 1:49PM
It's so weird that this game had sort of a content problem, but did this anyway. (Archived)
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Vyers1310/9 1:49PM
In all honesty, I DO hope we get Stage Builder back. (Archived)
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VincentLAURiA1610/9 1:48PM
(Revised) Is it CHEAP to pretty much only use projectiles? (Archived)
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grantholomew4510/9 1:48PM
What's your favourite move? (Archived)
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Lootman1210/9 1:44PM
Lol at who people main (kotaku poll) (Archived)skotopotomus1010/9 1:39PM
Why can't you accept that both versions will have the exact same roster? (Archived)RedAhmed610/9 1:36PM
Why is rambi in some way not implemented? (Archived)yuoke810/9 1:31PM
It's a shame the 3DS version can only have like, 4 items at once (Archived)OshawottGuy4110/9 1:28PM
Sakurai is too smart. (Archived)PotatoSword910/9 1:26PM
Who's the best- erm... Sexiest? (Poll)
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Divine_shadow_31210/9 1:19PM
Ike x Dark Pit x Little Mac (Archived)OwainHas11Toes810/9 1:12PM
I don't understand Nintendo sometimes..... (Archived)
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N64Mario2610/9 1:12PM
Why are you all against Mitsubishi Samurai? (Archived)Lootman410/9 1:12PM
Gamecube Controllers not compatible with anything but Smash Wii U. (Archived)Superjustinbros810/9 1:12PM
The most people will play Smash 4, therefore, it will be the best competitively. (Archived)
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EdenRocks2810/9 1:06PM
Checked out the Wily Castle stage... (Archived)
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aliashubbatch1210/9 12:44PM
So i found a review for the game made by a casual player. (Archived)JunDageki410/9 12:43PM
Why can't there be a Bravely Default rep? :( (Archived)
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UltimateNopon1510/9 12:38PM
Say that there is DLC released in July and it costs 10 dollars, would you buy if (Archived)mooocooow02910/9 12:36PM