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are you mad about needing both versions for Mewtwo? (Poll)epik_fail1710/25 6:11PM
Favorite Pit moveset? (Poll)
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Lizuka80021710/25 6:10PM
Do you like this character? (Day 41: Wii Fit Trainer) (Poll)Sniperdog117910/25 6:08PM
Zero Suit Samus talks??! (Archived)registered_pers810/25 6:07PM
I'm really feeling it (Archived)ObitosSusanoo710/25 6:06PM
How is Boxing Ring not allowed in 8-Player Smash? (Archived)Solar_Crimson810/25 6:04PM
Which of these Zelda villains would you want for DLC? (Poll)
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Garlands_Soul2010/25 5:59PM
So is Palutena the only Smash woman with an uncensored upskirt? (Archived)
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mariobros011310/25 5:58PM
If you could only have one more cut veteran as DLC, who would you want? (Poll)
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MasterPeteDiddy1210/25 5:54PM
Do you think amiibos are going to be popular? (Archived)Squall28110/25 5:54PM
I said I'd close my account if the Gematsu leak was fake... (Archived)the_DeZA_wUlf810/25 5:52PM
Would you have preferred Louie be Olimar's alt instead of Alph? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
energyman22892110/25 5:47PM
Peach still has a void in her dress on the wii u version. (Archived)Ronaldo_of_Hell910/25 5:40PM
The Photo Studio mode should be fun... (Archived)TriforceX5810/25 5:38PM
Carnage(MvC) vs Ridley (Poll)
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Tyranidomega1810/25 5:35PM
Your Plannes mains for the Wii U release and why (Archived)ObitosSusanoo110/25 5:31PM
Were the E3 Amiibos just prototypes? (Archived)Chenmaster2210/25 5:30PM
Something I noticed that amused me during the direct (Archived)Shocotate410/25 5:15PM
8 man smash not online? (Archived)
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NeoMonk1110/25 5:11PM
What does that strange pose mean?! (Archived)RedAndWatch310/25 5:07PM