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Sakurias Bias deconfirmed? (Archived)ThisAnvil510/3 10:03AM
Too many counters (Archived)HerbertGMcGee310/3 10:01AM
Wario had his shoulder charge in WarioWare (Archived)donkey_kong_jr_710/3 9:48AM
So..Why was the Super Scope's blast changed? (Archived)Magitek111210/3 9:47AM
Japanese tier list (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman27410/3 9:32AM
Luvdisc or daisy? (Poll)
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AnselaFan1210/3 9:04AM
43 minutes until my GameStop opens! (Archived)Loixuj1010/3 8:50AM
On October 3rd, Sakurai asked me what day it was (Archived)Forte612310/3 8:41AM
Do you think that eventually they'll bundle this with a Wii U? (Archived)DarkRay117410/3 8:41AM
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Do you have a Wii U? If not, are you getting one? (Poll)Mr_Snorlax1986110/3 8:39AM
I noticed that the CPUs for unlockable is much, MUCH stronger this time. (Archived)Blayshy1010/3 8:38AM
Pichu DLC is teased in the german trophy (Archived)
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BikiniRidley2110/3 8:36AM
Who the hell came up with the Duck Hunt Duo thing? (Archived)AlexxPB510/3 8:31AM
Now Donkey Kong x Dixie Kong is canonical (Archived)
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Yoshi20101110/3 8:27AM
17 win streak online now, everyone is awful and the gameplay is laggy (Archived)thebestestbest210/3 8:22AM
Don't Forget Oct. 3. (Archived)Chaos-15310/3 8:19AM
ITT: We make a Roster of really Old and Ancient Memes (Archived)
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Snorpy2510/3 8:19AM
Which Gen 3 Pokemon would you Choose to add to the Game? (Poll)
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KillerKremling1710/3 8:16AM
Anyone want to exchange friend codes? (Archived)Totes-My-Boats210/3 8:14AM