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Suppose the Chunky Kong AT is real. (Poll)peppermintsnow49/16 5:50PM
Anyone else find Palutena's trailer super corny? (Archived)
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BetrayedTangy169/16 5:47PM
Do you think Chrom has a chance at making it in as Downloadable Chromtent? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
NEW-WAYS-2-DIE379/16 5:46PM
If Sakurai was really biased, he would have given Dark Pit a unique moveset (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Rad_Dudesman179/16 5:46PM
Have you found out any combos yourself? (Archived)bcornelia29/16 5:45PM
mark my words, duck hunt dog will be an S ranked character (Archived)hotdogboy9639/16 5:43PM
Do you think we're ever gonna get a historical character? (Archived)
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TingleAboveAll129/16 5:42PM
What's the worst Stage Hazard. (Archived)
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TheAngryPotato189/16 5:41PM
What's the current record number of playable characters in a fighting game? (Archived)
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MileRun159/16 5:40PM
Well Ice Climbers really were cut due to the 3DS limitations (Archived)
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MushroomMuncher119/16 5:40PM
When a mii wins in the battle does the victory screen have Mii or its name? (Archived)mikeman091289/16 5:40PM
Why do people underestimate Pokemon? (Archived)Mr_Snorlax198639/16 5:37PM
Think of all the unique characters we could have had if they used time better (Archived)NoJobBob29/16 5:36PM
Would you be happy at the idea if a new Duck Hunt game? (Poll)QueenLUCiNA59/16 5:35PM
Can you finish off the Master Core with (Archived)Rupin_Salesman79/16 5:33PM
People don't seem to mention it too much, but isn't it a good thing... (Archived)
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Hikasu139/16 5:33PM
Ice Climbers were working in Wii U. (Archived)ChibiRidley79/16 5:32PM
Wanna sell the Wii-U, all you gotta do is... (Archived)falloffcliffman39/16 5:31PM
Despite the horrible Ice Climbers news, at least this game is coming in 2014! (Archived)hekifier19/16 5:30PM
Which would you rather have, a 3DS version of Smash Bros., or the Ice Climbers? (Poll)
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ColtCababa449/16 5:28PM