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I am really bad at Smash games... (Archived)Finnegan411/24 10:16PM
when is the greninja amiibo coming out? (Archived)ManuKesna611/24 10:13PM
I wish you could stay at the places you move to on "Traveling stages". (Archived)the20thvongola511/24 10:11PM
4 KO's in cruel smash with pit (Archived)kukingina2311/24 10:09PM
captain falcon is way too (Archived)
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Zoldarr1311/24 10:07PM
Have you managed to get 8 or more fever rush with Dr. Mario yet? (Archived)undisputed2386511/24 10:03PM
When does Braska call the final aeon? (Archived)WanderingFlame7211/24 10:03PM
Ethan the cyborg dog do you want him in ? (Archived)
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SmashManEMS11711/24 10:02PM
inconsistent short hops, i hate it (Archived)iimthomas311/24 10:01PM
So, Aether can only be used to grab the ledge 5 times (Archived)_Clinton311/24 9:58PM
is tournament mode in this? How do you access it. (Archived)barrabaCHHS311/24 9:57PM
Anyone else like the growing trend of... (Archived)Boo Destroyer211/24 9:57PM
is "encounter" in this game? (Archived)saiyankingmamba611/24 9:54PM
So is Zael the only trophy from The Last Story? (Archived)Dark_Ares711/24 9:53PM
Can't beat all-star on hard... (Archived)RosalinaSSB4911/24 9:52PM
I want Monkey Ball in this game! (Archived)yoshirider13811/24 9:50PM
How many people like that there are more than 2 versions of some tracks? (Poll)WolfJounin411/24 9:43PM
Why does Lucina get two stages? (Archived)
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MordecaiRocks3411/24 9:38PM
Dixie kong trophy challlenge. (Archived)Maxox311/24 9:35PM
Custom stage designs? (Archived)Xaranid411/24 9:34PM