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So Snake took Wolf with him it seems. (Archived)
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Austin_4e129/23 8:01PM
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Apparently the English trophy and other text dumps are from the JP version? (Archived)Svedeesh_Cheff39/23 7:54PM
super smash cats (Archived)
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fatdebby321129/23 7:45PM
Am I delusional for thinking we could potentially have more characters on wii u? (Poll)skotopotomus99/23 7:42PM
DLC leaked? Chrom, Ridley (Archived)
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Arceus50001099/23 7:40PM
So is anyone else going to main Dr. Nario? (Archived)
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Dumdumwantgum189/23 7:38PM
One day Dark Pit will be shoved even more down our throats... (Archived)
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ChibiDialga499/23 7:36PM
Which is more likely to happen: Ridley being playable or... (Archived)JulianLegend39/23 7:32PM
C/D:If people who aren't happy are salty, are happy people peppery? (Archived)
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messhia_dark199/23 7:31PM
Are you glad dr mario is back? (Poll)
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skotopotomus259/23 7:31PM
Anyone else think it's weird that... (Archived)seltraeh2249/23 7:31PM
Anyone else think Sakurai may be saving characters for the next smash? (Archived)Sakul12359/23 7:30PM
Why are people saying ZS Samus is a fan service? (Archived)YoshiruIezz29/23 7:29PM
Can I have a short hop button please? (Archived)tropireno109/23 7:27PM
Who do you want shoved down your throat? (Poll)pkmnpkmn69/23 7:26PM
Greninja is being shoved down our throats (Archived)
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pkmnpkmn149/23 7:25PM
Do you think Bowser Jr. is cute? (Archived)
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Creepyposter119/23 7:25PM