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Which Wii U exclusive stage is your favorite (Poll)
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Gargomon2514012/3 2:14AM
What all challenges haven't you done? (Archived)Lizuka8002212/3 2:09AM
Games like MK8 and SSB4 definitely help out Wii U sales but the competition is (Archived)Chenmaster2112/3 1:32AM
are all female character trophies with dresses/skirts censored with black voids? (Archived)
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rindain3712/3 1:20AM
Is it me or is Ness kinda overpowered? (Archived)
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KIngdomSora502312/3 1:04AM
Love those 0% kills with Game and Watch (Archived)Inglebird612/3 12:47AM
Hardest trophy to unlock? (Archived)Arceus5000712/3 12:23AM
I can't believe there's never been a topic about Mouser and how awesome he'd be! (Archived)wah_wah_wah312/3 12:19AM
Just beat Classic on 9.0 with Marth within 12 minutes and without customizations (Archived)
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PokemonYoutube1812/3 12:13AM
Shulk is the most detailed character (Archived)
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LuisVirgil1812/3 12:05AM
ITT:We are all Dark Pit (Archived)
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Rosal1naIsBeast3112/3 12:04AM
Sometimes, Smash just makes me feel... (Archived)bnui_ransder512/3 12:03AM
>people seriously think Ganondorf is cheese (Archived)Proofpyros412/3 12:02AM
ZR and Boxing Ring? (Archived)ElChosenHombre212/3 12:00AM
Xenoblade Chronicles X main character deconfirmed? (Archived)
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pnkgoldcatpeach1812/3 12:00AM
Sonic Runaway (Archived)WT_Neptune212/2 11:58PM
Does anyone else keep playing when they're tired? (Archived)Merydia512/2 11:48PM
Shulk is not well known. (Archived)
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RedAndWatch3812/2 11:44PM
So what was your first trophy? (Archived)
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Someguy12121312/2 11:37PM
Why Do K. Rool Detractors Always Label Him as a "Fat Crocodile"?? (Archived)KingofAwesome69812/2 11:37PM